Front of Engine Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches

For Marine and
Mobile Applications

Front of Engine PTO clutches are used in a variety of Industrial, On-Highway, Marine, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Oil Field, and Rail applications. They are designed to mount between the power take-off of the engine and auxiliary attachment, i.e. single or multi-station pump drive. 

  • Logan 600 Series Front of Engine Power Take-off (PTO) Clutch Pictured on a Cat C6.6 Genset. 163 HP (120 kW) @1800 RPM
  • Logan 600 Series transmits 741 lb. ft. of torque (1004 kW) @ 100 psi (7 bar) / 1084 lb. ft. (1469 kW) @ 140 psi (9.5 bar). Max engagement speed is 1800 RPM. Clutch shown with cover plate removed.
  • Logan Support Brackets are Engineered to Ensure Precise Crank Shaft Alignment to Simplify Field or Factory Installation.
  • Scania D13 Series 650 HP (478 kW) Pictured with Logan LC-314 Bell PTO 2702 lb. ft. (3664 Nm) for Main Propulsion and Logan Front PTO 1000 Series Clutch,1590 lb. ft. (2155NM) to Drive an Auxiliary Pump
  • Fluid /Air Actuated, and Self Adjusting
  • Logan Front PTO Act as Connect/Disconnect for Auxiliary Pumps
  • Engine Shown with Logan Front PTO and Bracket Assembly
  • Up to Maximum Available Power Off the Front of Your Engine.
  • Modern Tug Boat Equipped with Twin Gensets.
  • The Sandwich Fire and Rescue Boat Displaying the Outstanding Fire-Fighting Flow of The Logan PTO.
  • Cummins QSB 6.7 with Logan PTO 600 Front Mount Kit.
  • PTO Clutch with Integral Flexible Coupling
  • Pump Mount Solution for Low Torsion Applications
  • Cardan Shaft Solution for Low Torsion Applications
  • Universal Front of Engine PTO
  • Direct Connection to Power Source The PTO Clutch is Directly Mounted to The Power Source Via the SAE Standard Flange. The Auxiliary Pump Mounts Directly to the Output of Clutch, Utilizing the Same SAE
  • 402 Series: Remote Mounting of Auxiliary Pump Overhung Load Adapter Mounts to the Output of the PTO Clutch Assembly and Allows for Moderate Side Load Induced by a Cardon Shaft.
  • 405 Series: Remote Mounting of Consecutive PTO Clutch and Auxiliary Pump Utilizing the Logan 405 Series Companion Flange Adapters, the Remotely Mounted PTO Clutch Input Interfaces
  • Combination of 405 and 402 Series: Cardan Shafts Mounted to Both Sides of the PTO Clutch Utilizing a 405 Companion Flange on the Input and 402 Overhung Load Adapter on the Output.
  • Logan Direct Drive Power Take-Off (PTO) Clutch
  • Logan Front Mount PTO with Integral Flexible Coupling and Bracket Assembly
  • Moose Boats Fire Rescue Catamaran
  • Moose Boats Fire Rescue Catamaran
  • Engine Compartment Showing the Sea Chest on the Inboard Side and Clutch Shroud Forward. The Fire Pump is Under the Deck Forward in the Compartment.


  • Single and multi-station pumps
  • Mobile or stationary auxiliary drives
  • Connect / disconnect direct drives
  • Winches, reels, hoists and more


  • Simple, efficient, high-torque design
  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: engaging drives and pumps (only when required)
  • Easier-engine starts: lowers horsepower draw and cranking power required during machine start-up by disconnecting the hydraulic system from the engine
  • Reduces ambient noise: through intermittent use of pumps and equipment
  • Cooler running hydraulic systems: heat is generated whenever oil dumps from high to low pressure without producing work. Disconnecting the PTO Clutch reduces the destructive effects of heat – lowering maintenance costs and hydraulic oil requirements
  • Extends the life of drive systems and components

Logan Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches: How They Work

Logan PTO clutches are hydraulically or pneumatically actuated. Pressurizing the cylinder forces the piston to clamp and lock the friction and separator discs. When pressure is lifted, release springs take apart the separator discs and maintain a running clearance between separator and friction discs.

Logan Power Take Off PTO Clutches - HOw they Work

  • Heavy duty, self-adjusting, disc pack
  • Rugged, lightweight corrosion-resistant enclosure does not require external shielding
  • High-alloy shafts for maximum strength
  • Modified standards available for specific design requirements
  • Optional manual engagement screws (should power flow be disrupted)


Front Mount Power Take-Off (PTO) Clutch with Flexible Coupling

The Logan SPF Series Clutch integrates a flexible coupling into the design to mitigate vibration from torsionally active diesel or gasoline engines. The durometer of the flexible coupling is designed to absorb typical vibration stemming from diesel engines. Modified couplings are available to meet specific customers applications.

Front Mount Power Take off with Flexible Coupling | Logan Clutch

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