Clutches for Self-Propelled and Loader Mounted Snow Blowers

Clearing airport runways and city streets are a top priority during winter storms. Logan is a leader in manufacturing hydraulic clutches that are incorporated into self-propelled airport  snow blowers, loader mounted snow blowers, and municipal tracked vehicles. For example, our LC-314 powered by a Cat C-18 blower engine can throw 5,000 tons of snow per hour, as far as 200 ft.  That’s approximately 1.4 tons per second.

Logan offers a variety of clutch and brake solutions for Snowblowing Applications, including: Main and Auxiliary Propulsion, Hybrid Drives, Winches, Drawworks, Gensets, and Variable Speed Motor Generator. Logan is a leader in manufacturing hydraulic clutches that are incorporated into small and large airport snow blowers, or municipal snow blowers for urban snow removal. 

Clutches are designed in a series; are hydraulically or pneumatically actuated, and can operate in a wet (oil) or dry environment. Modified standards can be engineered to meet specific customer and application design requirements which are outside of our standard catalog offering (Torque, RPM, Horsepower, or Envelope).

Logan is an OEM Manufacturer. Products are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Logan Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing Service Personnel are available to answer questions regarding catalog specs, parts and service Details, and inquiries regarding your specific design requirements. Global Parts and Service are available 24/7 through Logan and our Dealer / Distributor Network.

  • Logan LC-314 Bell Housing PTO transmits 2,702 lb. ft. (3664Nm) of torque @ 200 psi
  • This Airport 700 HP Snow Blower is equipped with a Logan LC-318 Bell Housing PTO and is capable of clearing a 120" wide path of snow, moving 6000 tons of snow per hour
  • View of Logan LC-318 PTO and hydraulic manifold
  • The LC-318 transmits over 7473 lb. ft. (10,133 Nm) of torque @200 psi. (13.8 bar)
  • Typical single or two-stage Loader Mounted Snow Blower, which uses a Logan Bell PTO for the Direct drive.
  • Airport Snow Blower Attachment powered by Logan PTO
  • Municipal Loader using a Logan LC-314 Bell Housing PTO, which transmits 2702 lb. ft. (3664 Nm) of torque
  • Wheel Loader equipped with a Logan Bell PTO clears a parking lot
  • Wheel Loader Retrofitted with a self-adjusting Logan Bell PTO, originally used a mechanical, lever activated over center PTO
  • Two-Stage 3-Ribbon Snow Blower, which typically uses either a CAT C13 (415HP) or Cummins QSL-9 (350HP) style engine connected to a Logan LC-311 Bell Housing PTO enables up to 112 (2484.48 cm) cutti
  • Cleveland Hopkins Airport Snowblowers
Bell Housing

Bell Housing PTO

Logan Air / Fluid actuated Bell Housing PTO clutches are self- adjusting and designed to mount directly to a diesel or gasoline engine's flywheel. The friction disc packs optimize dry operation and actuation is accomplished through a stationary cylinder-piston arrangement or through internal shaft and clutch passages.

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SAE Direct Drive PTO

Logan Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches are used in a variety of Industrial, On-Highway, Marine, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Oil Field, and Rail applications. They are designed to mount between the power take-off of the engine and auxiliary attachment, ie. single multi-station pump drive

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CH Series

CH Series Clutches

Type CH clutches are designed specifically for heavy duty clutch and brake applications, and can be air or hydraulically actuated. The friction disc packs are suitable for either wet or dry operation.

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snowblowing Case Studies

Snowblowing Case Studies

View case studies for the snowblowing industry.

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