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Air Threading Clutches, Hi-Lo Retrokit Drive Clutches and Controls for Screw Machines

Logan Clutch Corporation is an OEM manufacturer of hydraulic and air actuated clutches. They are used in Acme-Gridley, New Britain, Wickman, Davenport, Warner & Swasey, Euroturn, and Gildemeister Screw machines. In addition, Logan manufactures screw machine controls, (microprocessor controls) and real-time data collection software to use in conjunction its control system.

  • Logan 2-speed Pick-Off Drive and Brake for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley
  • Logan Air Pick-Off Drive Attachment for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley Screw Machine
  • Logan Air Threading Clutch Attachment for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley Screw Machine
  • Ideal Parts for Generation III Air Pick-Offs Logan Single and 2-Speed Stop and DropTM Pick-Off Drives.
  • Logan 1-speed Pick-Off Drive and Brake for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley
  • Typical view of factory-assembled valve manifold, pressure regulator, hose and fittings for Logan kits. Kits vary, based on machine configuration.
  • Logan Air Pick-Off Drive Attachment for an 1/4 RA-6 Acme-Gridley Screw Machine
  • 1-1/4 RA-6 2-Speed Pick-Off Drive With Brake - Under Power.
  • CS2001XT16
  • Close-up of 2nd and 4th Speed Drive Clutch, Drive Cup and sprocket. Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine
  • Logan Spindle Drive Clutches for No. 2 and No. 3 Brown & Sharpe 4-Speed Ultramatics.

Where Used:

  • Acme-Gridley
  • New Britain
  • Euroturn
  • Davenport
  • Wickman
  • Conomatic


  • Self-adjusting disc pack (no slippage)
  • Extremely accurate - uniform thread depth over millions of parts 
  • Large cylinder: piston area for maximum torque
  • Up To 200% more torque than mechanical clutches
  • Simple to install
  • Most Logan Air Threading™Clutches utilize existing clutch drive cups, (clutch gears), spacers and shafts
  • Increase tap life through positive clutch engagement
  • Eliminates mechanical linkages lever arms, adjusting collars, dog levers, spring pins, yokes, clutch sleeves, etc.
  • Eliminates mechanical clutch adjustment


Logan Clutch proudly supplies OEM replacement products for:

Bullard, National Acme, Davenport, Conomatic, New Britain, SNM, Wickman, Giddings & Lewis, Lucas, Brown & Sharpe, Warner & Swasey, Euroturn, Mori-Say, ZPS, Tornos, Cincinnati Machine, Motch, Fellows.

Logan Clutch is the market leader in replacement clutches for all brands of screw machines. Additionally, many machine tool rebuilders rely upon Logan engineering expertise when remanufacturing high-value machine tools.

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