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Logan Clutch Corporation is an OEM manufacturer of hydraulic and air actuated clutches. They are used in Acme-Gridley, New Britain, Wickman, Davenport, Warner & Swasey, Euroturn, and Gildemeister Screw machines. In addition, Logan manufactures screw machine controls, (microprocessor controls) and real-time data collection software to use in conjunction its control system.

Logan Air / Fluid actuated Bell Housing PTO™ clutches are Self-Adjusting™ and designed to mount directly to a diesel or gasoline engine’s flywheel.

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Where Used:

  • Acme-Gridley
  • New Britain
  • Euroturn
  • Davenport
  • Wickman
  • Conomatic


  • Self-adjusting disc pack (no slippage)
  • Extremely accurate - uniform thread depth over millions of parts 
  • Large cylinder: piston area for maximum torque
  • Up To 200% more torque than mechanical clutches
  • Simple to install
  • Most Logan Air Threading™Clutches utilize existing clutch drive cups, (clutch gears), spacers and shafts
  • Increase tap life through positive clutch engagement
  • Eliminates mechanical linkages lever arms, adjusting collars, dog levers, spring pins, yokes, clutch sleeves, etc.
  • Eliminates mechanical clutch adjustment

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Acme Gridley
NewBritain PickoffDr III
New Britain
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B and S
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Affordable Technology For Your Screw Machine
LoganNet WiFi
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Clutch Saver 2001™