Road Grinding / Cold Milling

Bell Housing Series Description: Logan Air / Fluid actuated Bell Housing PTO clutches are self-adjusting and mount directly to a diesel or gasoline engine’s flywheel. Friction disc packs are designed for dry operation. Actuation is accomplished through either a stationary cylinder-piston arrangement, or through internal shaft and clutch passages. 

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuation:The Logan LC-318 transmits 7,500 lb.ft./ 10168 Nm @ 362 psi. (25 bar), Approximately 30% more torque than competitive models.

Logan Advantages:

  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuation
  • Self Adjusting Disc Pack – No Linkages or Levers
  • Smooth, SOFTSTART Actuation – Quick Release

Logan Torque Advantage:
Industry Leading torque transmission with 7,500 lb.ft. / 10168 Nm @ 362 psi. (25 bar) actuation vs. published competitor ratings of 5716 lb.ft. / 7750 Nm.

Compatibility with Existing Units in the Field:
Reverse compatible – designed to fit within existing envelope of current and legacy models of Road Grinding and Milling Machinery.

  • Road Grinding / Cold Milling
  • Self-adjusting disc pack with soft-start feature ensures smooth engagement and quick release
  • The Logan LC-318 transmits 7,500 lb.ft. / 10168 Nm @ 362 psi. (25 bar), Approximately 30 percent more torque than competitive models
  •  Bell 318 Exploded Drive ring
  • LC 314
  • Logan LC-318 Ventilated Drive Ring
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