LCT Series Clutches

Shaft Mounted Clutches with Integral Torsional Coupling

Logan shaft mounted LCT series clutches are designed to be mounted and carried by the input shaft of a gearbox or fire fighting pump. The LCT’s dry disc pack transmits high torque within a small envelope. The integral torsional coupling isolates the clutch, pump or gearbox from engine transmitted torsional vibrations. 

Single Source for Power:

Imagine a new or repowered vessel where the main engines provide propulsive power and drive electric generators, bow thrusters, and mission-specific equipment. What's more, they also provide back-up and redundancy for critical-vessel systems. The Logan FlexaDrive and FlexaGen make this possible.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Fluid or air actuated, self-adjusting disc pack enables remote activation from bridge or wheelhouse
  • Standard ranges from 500-2000 HP with modified standards available for larger or smaller HP requirements
  • Multiple disc, dry disc pack for maximum torque transmission
  • Integral torsional coupling simplifies design, minimizing axial length
  • Large bore capability suits most gearbox and fire pump shaft configurations
  • Modified standards for OEM applications available
  • Marine class approvals available 

End Uses:

  • Front of Engine Fire Fighting (FiFi) systems for marine workboats and tugboats
  • Applications that require a shaft mounted, dry clutch with an integral torsional coupling