Inter-Mec Industrial Clutch Brake


Over 50 Years Experience in Manufacturing

Made from Cast and Ductile Iron. Used for General
Industrial Applications.

The Inter-Mec clutch/brake is made of cast and ductile iron, and is air-cooled by an internal fan. All bearings are permanently lubricated to ensure a long life. The air clutch/brake is designed to be used with any manual cam, or electrically actuated 1/4 inch 4-way valve. This air clutch/brake is for general industrial applications including conveyors, case packers, packaging machinery, paper mills, and bottling companies.


More Information:

Inter-Mec Clutch-Brake Specifications

A double acting piston drives the single clutch-brake disc against a driving plate for clutching, or against hte brake drum for stopping. All friction surfaces are cooled by air drawn throuhg the unit by an internal fan.

Inter-Mec Clutch-Brake Rebuild and Repair

All repair parts are available from Logan Clutch.  We can also repair/refurbish the units.

Inter-Mec Clutch-Brake Troubleshooting

Order a rebuild kit or have Logan recondition the unit for you.  All ball bearings and O-Ring seals should be replaced at this time.