Clutches for Hybrid Drives -

Clutches for Hybrid Drives

Most hybrid vehicles use a diesel or gas powered combustion engine and an electric motor. Vehicles can be driven entirely by the combustion engine or together with the electric motor to provide a boost of power –or driven by the electric motor in transit mode or in a lighter HP operation. 

Logan Clutches and FlexaDrive sact as connect-disconnect between the engine and auxiliary motor drive, engage drives only when required.  Logan Clutches provide machine designers the flexibility to meet zero-emissions targets while also providing the HP required to get the job done in mobile and marine applications. 

Hybrid Drive Clutch Advantages:

  • FlexaDrivesadapt to common SAE Flywheel engine connections
  • Logan Direct Drive PTO Clutches adapt to SAE and DIN spline specifications
  • Short overall axial length simplifies integration into existing drivelines
  • For engines and applications from 50 HP / 37Kw up to 1,500 HP / 1118kW
  • Provides ability for zero-emissions mode up to full engine HP capacity on demand
  • Made in Cleveland (Westlake) Ohio, USA
  • Logan 700-2 FlexaDrive
  • Hybrid Drives
  • Hybrid Drives
  • Hybrid Drives
  • Hybrid Drives
Marine Hybrid Drives

Marine Hybrid Drives

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