HPC Series Clutches -

Heavy Duty / Maximum
Torque Transmission

Type HPC clutches are designed specifically for heavy-duty clutch and brake applications, and are hydraulically actuated. 

The HPC is similar in design to the Logan CH Series clutch but can operate at higher actuation pressures, transfers more torque in a smaller envelope and is available in sizes up to 29” in. / 73.66 cm.

The HPC friction disc packs are suitable for either wet or dry operation. Actuation is accomplished through internal shaft and clutch passages.

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  • Modified HPC 1450 Series Clutch Design for a Schottel SRP 460 / SRP 1515 Z-Drive for a Marine Workboat Application
  • Logan HPC Series Clutch Retrofit on to a Schottel Z-Drive
  • Logan HPC Series Clutch with More Torque Capability Designed to Replace Rexnord Clutch
  • Logan HPC 1050 pictured on a marine gearbox.
  • Logan HPC 1050.
  • Logan HPC 1050.


  • Marine Propulsion
  • Marine Mooring Winches
  • Mine Hoisting Equipment
  • Overland Mining Conveyors
  • Draw Works
  • Fan Drives


  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval
  • Self lubricating seals
  • Long-wearing components
  • Positive mechanical lock-up "come home" feature
  • Smooth engagement

The HPC friction disc packs are suitable for either wet or dry operation. Actuation is accomplished through internal shaft and clutch passages. When used as a wet clutch, coolant oil may be applied a splash or spray or forced through the friction disc pack from an internal shaft passage. The clutch hub is bored and keyseated for shaft mounting. Torque is transferred from the disc pack to a splined drive ring.

Pressurizing the cylinder with fluid or air forces the piston to clamp and lock the friction and separator discs and release springs. Torque is then transferred through the clutch to the drive cup. When pressure is lifted, the release springs take apart the separator discs and maintain a running clearance between separator and friction disc surfaces.

Standard Specifications:
Type HPC clutches are available in (10) sizes with torque ratings from 145,000 lb-in (16384 Nm) to 2,880,000 lb-in (325,424 Nm).

Maximum allowable pressure is 360 psi (25 bar) for wet operation and 240 psi (16,5 bar) for dry operation. Standard operating speeds are from 1 to 2200 RPM. Stronger release springs are available for disengagement at higher speeds.

Modified Standards:
Higher torque ranges and actuation pressures are available to meet customer-specific design requirements.


American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval 
Survey society approved for marine applications requiring independent survey. Other classification society certifications such as Lloyd’s and DNV are also available.

Self Lubricating Seals
Long-wearing, self-lubricating seals minimize premature twisting failure and require no lubrication, which decreases maintenance costs and downtime. Temperature ranges for standard seals range from -65°F to +300°F (-54°C to +149°C).

Long Wearing Components:
The cylinder housing and all splined surfaces are specially treated to minimize wear and increase corrosion resistance.

Positive Mechanical Lock-Up “Come Home’’ Feature:
This provides positive engagement for emergency operations.

Smooth Engagement:
Sintered bronze friction material, operating in oil, provides a low static-to-dynamic torque ratio for smooth, long-lasting, high-energy performance.


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