Bell Housing PTO Tree & Brush Chipper Applications

Tree and Brush Chippers Recycling

Frequent mechanical PTO clutch overhauls can take a chipper out of service for several hours or an entire day, resulting in lost revenue and increased operating expenses.

Logan self-adjusting PTO’s eliminate the need for mechanical adjustment, ensuring more up-time and less downtime since mechanical linkages, lever arms, yokes and collars are no longer required.


  • Air or Fluid Actuated
  • High Torque, Small Envelope
  • Available with or without Pilot Bearings
  • Remote Actuation

Wood Shredders / Recycling

Since shredder /recyclers are capable of processing pallets, brush, logs, bark, sawmill waste, scrap framing lumber, plywood and drywall – right at the work site; you need a tough clutch to handle the diverse operating conditions. And, since Logan clutches are designed to transmit maximum torque within a very small envelope, shredding and processing is simple and efficient - bringing projects in on time and within competitive operating budgets.

Bell Housing PTO - Wood Shredder
Wood Chipper - Bell Housing PTO
Bell Housing PTO18

Logan Clutch LC-311 Bell Housing PTO on an RC 12 Wood Chipper

Logan Clutch LC-311 Bell Housing PTO on an RC 20 Wood Chipper

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