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Logan Spindle Carrier Indexing Kits for your Acme Gridley

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New Logan Spindle Carrier Indexing kits make it easy for you to increase productivity and reduce the idle time on your Acme Gridley up to 25%. How? Its simple - We replace the older Geneva-style indexing mechanism, spiral bevel gears, and Indexing arm on your Acme with our smooth, faster acting Logan Indexer, Fast Bevel Gears and Heavy-duty Indexing Arm. The Logan Indexer has a unique parabolic curve, and improved cam follower design which gives your Acme a smoother transition during index - all without sacrificing productivity. Better indexing actually reduces the input torque required to index your Acme by 75%!


Reduce Idle Time Between Gear Changes:

  • Increase Capacity and Profitability
  • More Productivity from Existing Machines,Floor Space and Operators.
  • Better Machine Utilization
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Best of All - You can retrofit your Acme-Gridley with a Logan Indexer right on your shop floor.

Indexer Kit hardware and accessories

Spiral bevel gears. Logan INdexer for your Acme Gridley

Smooth, faster acting Logan Spindle Carrier Indexing Kits for your Acme-Gridley.
Index up to 25% faster - save time, money and increase productivity Reduce idle time between speed changes - more capacity and profitability.  Requires 75% less input torque - reduces maintenance costs Improved, longer lasting cam follower design


Factory or Field Retrofitted

Factory trained service technicians are available to install or guide your staff through installation- No need to wait for a new or rebuilt Machine. For best results, we recommend installation on machines already equipped with Logan Hi-Lo Clutches.

potential benefits of retrofitting old technology with logan products


Old Technology How it Works

Conventional Machines, even up to a few years ago, utilized 1940s vintage mechanical drive clutches, a band brake, and an older Geneva-style indexer with standard spiral bevel gear arrangement. Result: Reaction time between speed changes and index time is sluggish. New Technology provides cycle time savings.

Consistent, positive Logan High and Low Speed Clutch engagement allows your screw machine to change speeds much faster than mechanical clutches we eliminate coasting, mechanical linkages and the band brake too!
Logan Indexers and fast bevel gears reduce machine idle time up to 25% and give your Acme a faster, smoother transition during index. 75% less input torque puts less wear and tear on your machine.




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