Industrial Clutches and Brakes for Scania D12 & D16 Marine Engines

Logan Front Mount PTOs for Scania D12M and D16M Diesel Engines and Generator Sets


Scania D16M / 15.6 Litre Engine  with Logan Front Mount PTO

Partial view of Logan Front Mount PTO Kit.


600 lb. ft. / 813 Nm of Torque @ 140 psi / 9.7 bar 342 HP / 255 kW Maximum  HP
Maximum engagement speed is 1800 RPM with Logan SOFTSTART feature


  • Air or fluid actuated from 100 to 140 psi.
  • Maximum torque (600 lb. ft.) and higher engagement speeds (1800 RPM).
  • The low profile, compact, Logan PTO design is suitable for workboats, fishing boats and pleasure craft.
  • Integrated torsional isolation coupling.
  • The Logan PTO aids in the reduction of emissions, fuel costs and wear and tear on auxiliary attachments.
  • Engagement up to 1800 RPM's with optional SOFTSTART™.
  • Multiple optional accessory control packages to suit every model.
  • Installs with simple hand tools.


  • During maneuvering – which requires reduction of main engine speed, the Logan PTO is used as a separate power source for bow and stern thrusters.
  • The PTO directly connects to a pump drive, which powers winches, reels, hoists, and deck pressure washers.
  • The PTO can be coupled to an alternator to supply electric power to other power consumers on the vessel.

Air/Fluid Actuated PTO SPF 600 Specifications

Air/Fluid Actuated PTO SPF 600 Specification

Note: The torque capacity of the clutch is directly proportional to the operating pressure. Maintaining the lowest pressure possible to transfer the desired torque will enable the clutch to run cooler and extend the life span of the internal bearings. The output end of the clutch (female spline/bore) is not capable of supporting any side load. Use overhung load adapters. Drive shaft alignment must be within 3 degrees. Maximum installation angle 7°. Consult factory for more details.


Consult Logan for applications that require lower actuation pressure or increased torque and rpm requirements.

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