PTO Pump Mount Units

Pump Mount Series Description

Bell Housing pump-mount PTO’s are air or fluid actuated and designed to mount on to an SAE No. 1 to No. 3 flywheel. Torque ranges are from 200 to 1,620 lb. ft. Horsepower Ranges from 100 to 375 HP.


Standard Specifications

Pump mount shaft diagram
  • Single pump units are available in No. 1 to No. 3 size SAE Bells with input torque ranges from 200 lb. ft. (271 Nm) to over 1620 lb. ft. (2196 Nm).
  • Air/Fluid operating pressures range from 100 (6,9 bar) to 200 psi (13,8 bar) for standard models.
  • Operating speeds are up to 2,850rpm.


Pump Mount Flanges

Pump mount PTO’s are available from SAE B to SAE D flanges.


Pump Mount Shafts

PTO shafts are available in B, B-B, C, C-C, D,E, and F configurations. Modified Standards are available to meet specific customer needs.

Bell Housing PTO’s for Single and Double Pump Drives

Logan PTO clutches are designed to retrofit within existing bell housings of popular pump drive manufacturers such as:

Funk 2800 Series,  Single Direct Drive Pump SAE#3 housing and B pad  (retrofitted with Logan LC-110 hydraulic clutch)

  •  Funk
  •  Twin Disc®
  •  Durst
  •  Gear Products
  •  Marco

Complete Logan PTO clutches are available as original equipment or as a field retrofit.


Logan Vs. Mechanical

Logan Features

  • Air or Fluid ActuatedRetrofits with Twin Disc, Funk, Durst, Gear Products and Marco Style Pump Drives.
  • Self-Adjusting Disc Pack
  • High Torque, Small Envelope
  • Available with or Without Pilot Bearings
  • Remote Actuation
  • Field Retrofits w/ Existing Mechanical PTO’s

Logan Clutch Advantages

Logan FlexaDriveTM Drive Systems for Your Mobile Equipment

Logan 700-2 FlexaDrive with Logan 1150 Series Clutch

2-position Pump Drive System For Engines up to 730 HP / 554 kw

The Logan 2-position Pump Drive is outfitted for up to four (4) PTI/PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 730 HP / 544 kW Engines, with maximum speeds up to 2600 RPM, and maximum of 160 HP (120 kW) per tower (continuous duty).

  • SAE J617 No. 1, 2, 3 Input Housings
  • SAE J617 No. 3 Output Housing
  • SAE J744  A, B, C Pump Pads
  • Suitable for Most Flexible Couplings or Flywheel Drive Plates
  • Full Engine Power Transmission Through the Output Flywheel
  • Up to 160 HP Maximum (120 kW) Per Tower; Total Capacity 300 HP (225 kW) - Continuous Duty
  • 5-Position Models Available for up to 5000 HP/3700 kW
  • SAE J1939 Option with Multiple CAN BUS Inputs/Outputs
  • Modified Standards Available

Logan FlexaDrive 2-Position Pump Drive System 300 HP 
For Engines up to 730 HP / 554 kw

FlexaDrive 2 position pump drive (on the left) - Input Side and Output Side on the right side

Left: FlexaDrive 2-position pump drive - Input Side
Right: FlexaDrive 2-position pump drive - Output Side


The Logan 2-Position Pump Drive is outfitted for up to four (4) PTI/PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 730 HP / 544 kW Engines, with maximum speeds up to 2600 RPM. Total heads capacity of 300 HP / 225 kW. A single head has a maximum 160 HP/120 kW. Various step-up gear ratios are available for direct drive PTO’s.

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