PTO Helpful Hints -

System Pressure: Over or Under Pressurization

The catalog rated torque capacity of Logan Clutches is directly proportional to the operating pressure.

Maintaining the lowest pressure possible to transmit the desired torque will enable the clutch to run cooler and extend the lifespan of the internal working bearings (if applicable) and other components. A pressure regulating valve should be specified in the system to prevent over or under-pressurization of any Logan Clutch PTO. The Logan warranty does not cover clutch failure due to over or under-pressurization.

The highest pressure values in the torque tables are the suggested maximum ratings for Logan Clutches.


Clutch Shaft Bearing lubrication:
Consult your maintenance manual for correct service intervals. Main clutch shaft carrier bearings are factory greased for the first 100 hours of operation. A small amount of grease at the inner and outer bearing shaft seals of the clutch shaft carrier bearings is normal.

After 100 hours of operation, remove cover plate, pump in approximately 5 1/2 cu in./ 90ml of fresh No. 2 Lithium based grease. Rotate the shaft (by hand if possible) until fresh grease is seen coming thru seals covering bearings on main shaft. Use a cloth to clean up any excess grease. Re-install the cover plate and run the clutch for 10 minutes at 50% of rated speed. Remove cover plate and clean up any extra grease from inside of housing. Replace cover plate and operate normally.

Do not over-grease bearings. Excessive grease may cause bearing overheating and premature failure. In addition, discs and opposing surfaces must also be free of any grease in order to avoid clutch slippage or reduced torque.


Clutch Break-in:
For initial start up, with the power source operating at 700 to 1000 rpm, cycle/engage the clutch at a rate of once every 10-15 seconds for 10-20 cycles, not exceeding 50% of rated torque capacity. In severe duty applications, allow additional clutch engagements at moderate loads and reduced RPM's before applying maximum torque and RPM. Torque values are based upon dry disc packs having full contact between surfaces.


Torsional Damping Devices for Logan Products:
Special consideration should be given to torsional compatibility when incorporating any Logan product into an application.

Noise, vibration, damage and premature failure of Logan PTO's can be directly attributed to incorrectly specified torsional damping devices. It is the buyer's responsibility to specify this option, which can result in additional cost and a possible increase in installation length. Logan accepts no liability for torsional clutch failure. Finite element analysis or field testing for torsional compatibility rests solely with the assembler and user.

Logan Clutch Corporation reserves the right to modify product specifications and designs without notice and without incurring obligations. All rotating components present a potentially hazardous condition and should be guarded in accordance with OSHA requirements and other applicable laws, regulations and industrial standards.

Logan can accept no liability for personal injury, loss of life, or damage or loss of property due to the failure of the buyer or user to improperly apply Logan Products.

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