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Year after year, lost production hours are attributed
to mechanical threading clutches that are
over or under adjusted on your Acme-Gridley screw
machine - forcing you to compromise on part quality
and tap life.
Now, you can achieve state-of-the-art tapping
repeatability, reliability and quality with Logan Hi-
Capacity Air Threading® Clutches. Engagement and
disengagement are so smooth and positive - Tap
depth remains consistent over millions of parts.
Also, the load on your tap is uniform, prolonging
the life of the tap. Fewer tool changes are necessary,
shaving valuable hours from a big job. Logan
also provides up to 200% more torque for heavyduty
pipe thread tapping.
Logan Hi-Capacity AirTM Threading Clutches are simple to
install and available for almost every Acme ever manufactured.
Call today and make the switch from mechanical to Logan!