Bell Housing Clutch Assembly

Tech Specs:

Shaft Dia.: ø2.5”

Shaft Length: 6.5"

Keyway: 5/8"

Pilot Dia: ø 72mm

Part Number:



Logan Air / Fluid actuated Bell Housing PTOTM clutches are SelfAdjustingTM and designed to mount directly to a diesel or gasoline engine’s flywheel.
The friction disc packs are designed for dry operation. Actuation is accomplished through either a stationary cylinder-piston
arrangement, or through internal shaft and clutch passages. The clutch is bored and keyseated for shaft mounting. Torque
is transferred from the disc pack to a geared drive ring which is attached to the engine’s flywheel.

Logan Clutches – How They Work
Pressurizing the cylinder, forces the piston to clamp and lock the friction and steel separator discs. When pressure is removed,
release springs separate the friction and steel discs, maintaining a running clearance when disengaged.

Push Button Actuation -
Eliminates Mechanical Linkages
Self-AdjustingTM piston travel compensates for any disc wear, eliminating the need for mechanical adjustment (i.e. levers,
linkages, and yokes). The amount of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure applied regulates the amount of torque transmitted
through the clutch. Push-button, remote activation from a control panel, marine wheelhouse or cab is now possible.

Standard Logan Bell Housing PTO’s are available in No. 00 to No. 7 Size SAE Bells with input torque ratings from 159 lb. ft.
(216Nm) to over 7,473 Lb. Ft. (10133 Nm). Logan uses a 1.4 factor of safety in our torque specifications.
Air / Fluid operating pressures range from 100 (6,9 bar) to 200 psi (13,8 bar) for Generation I and Generation III models;
and 320 psi. (23 bar) for Generation II Models. Operating speeds range from 1 to 3,000 RPM