Logan Pick-off Drives for Euroturn Screw Machines -

View of Pick-off drive for an 8/32 Euroturn. Factory or Field retrofits within 1 day.

For many years, electromagnetic brakes have been utilized to stop Euroturn pick-off drive spindles, just prior to the pick-off collet opening.

Over time, users have discovered that the electromagnetic clutch does not have the braking torque capability to completely stop the Air-Pick-off spindle, thereby ejecting parts that are still rotating in the tool zone – causing nicks, marks, lost parts, and machine cross slide jam-ups!



Pick-off Drive Clutch

New Logan Stop and Drop Feature

Now, Logan makes it easy for you to eliminate inconsistent part ejection, nicks and marks, and lost parts with our new Stop and Drop Pick-off drives. We’ve developed a factory or field retrofitted pick-off drive spindle and brake kit, using proven Logan air actuated brakes, which bring the pick-off drive shaft to a dead stop, just prior to the pick-off collet opening – enabling parts to eject right into your parts chute.

Logan Pick-off drives are available for factory or field retrofit directly though your OEM, distributor or through Logan Clutch Corporation.

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Ideal parts for Logan 1-speed stop and drop

Stop and Drop Advantages

  • Logan Brake stops pick-off spindle rotation kust prior to the pick-off collet opening - Parts now eject from a stopped spindle, minimizing nicks and marks - and lost parts
  • Reduces or eliminates machine lock-ups caused by inconsistent part ejection.
  • Rotational Speed is one-to-one with your spindle speed.
  • Retrofits on to existing OEM or aftermarket Air Pick-offs.
  • Logan Factory Retrofit of your existing unit is available.


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