P Series

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Sealed Ball Bearings for Positive Lubrication

The P series design is similar to the S series, which is designed for wet operation. The difference between the two models occurs in the bearings. P Series bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed and do not require external lubrication.

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Torque ratings are based on the P Series disc pack operating in dry conditions thus requiring lower actuation pressure to achieve relatively high rates of torque.


  •     Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuation
  •     Sealed Pre-lubricated Bearings
  •     Dry Applications
  •     Stationary Cylinder and Piston
  •     Fast Response / Lower Inertia
  •     Easy Installation
  •     Minimal Actuating Flow
  •     Positive Disengagement
  •     Can be Modified to Meet Specific
  •     Application Requirements
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Hydraulic/Pneumatic Clutch For Dry Operation


Pressurizing the cylinder with fluid or air forces the piston to clamp and lock the friction and separator discs, and release springs. Torque is transferred through the clutch to the drive cup. When pressure is removed, the release springs separate the separator and friction discs and maintain a running clearance between separator and friction disc surfaces. Torque ratings are based on dry operation, thus requiring low actuation pressure to achieve high rates of torque.


P Series clutches and brakes are designed primarily for dry operation. Bearings are greased and sealed and do not require external lubrication.


  • Maximum Torque / Minimum Envelope
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuation
  • Fast Engagement / Quick Release
  • Stationary Cylinder and Piston
  • Modified Standards for Specific Design Requirements
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Logan has the design and manufacturing capability to replace existing and obsolete electromagnetic clutches with Logan technology. 

Logan vs. Electromagnetic Clutches

Side view showing identical axial length, and 3-Disc Pack configuration of the Logan S300 and Ortlinghaus Style Clutch.

  • Transmits more Torque and has higher RPM capabilities within the same envelope.
  • Eliminates residual DC magnetism in disc packs and bearings-reduces downtime.
  • Disc Pack, Bearing Kits and Seal Kits for Logan clutches are available from stock.

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