Mobile Equipment Controls

 Mobile Equipment Controls

LCL-422 !/O Module

LCL-442 I/O Module:

The LCL-442 is a solid-state microprocessor based module. Delivered in a clear enclosure, this unit provides 10 inputs and 4 outputs in a compact and economical I/O interface.

Designed for use as a stand-alone unit or with the display, the LCL-442 is offered with LED indicators for each input, which simplifies troubleshooting in the field.


Logan LCL-442-1XX I/O Module 10 Inputs and 4 Outputs including:


  • Input Speed 
  • Output Speed 
  • Temperature 
  • Thermal Overload Detection
  • Pressure Transducer Status
  • Local/Remote
  • Engage/Disengage
  • External Fault/Prevent Run


  • J1939 Communication
  • WiFi Capable


  • Clutch Status: engaging, engaged, and disengaged
  • CAN Messages 
  • Clutch Status Indicator
  • Clutch On/Off with SOFTSTART™™
  • Brake ON/OFF


LCL-T05 WiFi Module:

LCL-T05 WiFi Module:

The LCL-T05 is a solid-state microprocessor based module, delivered in a Deutsch enclosure, with a WiFi wireless interface.

LoganNet WiFi feature allows for monitoring the status and health of a machine or fleet of machines. The data and parameter settings are available via any WiFi enabled smart phone, tablet or PC, without having to download a single piece of software. Also, download any data to your PC or USB memory device.

The LCL-T05 is configured with 2GB of data storage, enabling it to handle most OEM data logging applications.


Logan LCL-T05 WiFi Module Service Tool & Data Logger

Special Features Include:

WiFi Interface

  • Access real-time and logged data wireless via an interactive web page hosted on web portal
  • Interface via various mobile devices (laptop, smartphone or tablet) that has WiFi capability and a web browser.

Internal eMMC FLASH Memory Chip

  • 4GB standard
  • Soldered memory chip for resistance to high shock & vibration

Contex A8 ARM Microprocessor running up to 800 MHz

Linux operating system

Two (2) J1939 CAN ports

One (1) USB Host Port

  • Download data to PC or USB Memory Device
  • Update software

3-Axis Accelerometer for monitoring of acceleration, deceleration, angle

  • Allows for accident and roll-over detection

Real Time Clock with internal battery (15 year life - typical) 

  • Allows for time-stamping of data and events logged

GPS location (optional feature)

Low Power Sleep Module with Controlled Shutdown

  • Allows module to run after key switch is turned off so data can be logged to non-volatile memory. Module turns itself off.
  • Wake-Up by following methods: Digital input on Connector, CAN Traffic. Time set by software using Real Time Clock


LCL-709 Color Display:

LCL-709 Color Display

The optional LCL-711 is a solid-state color graphical microcontroller based display. Display provides communication messages through the J1939 network to equipment and to the display screen for simple man-machine interface.


LCL-709-1XX 4.3in Color Display


  • Sealed enclosure for external mounting (panel & RAM mount capable)
  • Sunlight readable 4.3” TFT Color LCD display
  • WQVGA 480x242 pixel format
  • LED Backlight with 500 cd/m2 (nits) brightness
  • 16MB FLASH for graphics, 1MB FLASH for logic, 48KB RAM
  • Real Time Clock with Internal Battery
  • Navigation Key (3 button)
  • Low Power Sleep Mode with Wake-Up by following methods: Digital Input on Connector, CAN Traffic, Time set by software using Real Time Clock

I/O Available:

  • One (1) USB port (allows software updates directly from USB memory device)
  • Two (2) J1939 CAN ports

I/O Available:

  • Secondary remote error reporting
  • Alarms per AUT/UMS Standards

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