Marine Hybrid Drives -

Logan Single Tower FlexaDrives:

Logan FlexaDrives and Direct Drive PTO’s are a platform for “right sized” hybrid propulsion systems. FlexaDrives act as a PTO/PTI bridge between diesel and electric drivelines. Ideal for vessels in the 200HP / 150kW – 1000HP / 735kW range.



Logan Multiple Tower FlexaDrives:

Logan multiple tower Flexadrives and Direct Drive PTO’s act as a PTO/PTI bridge between diesel engines and electric drivelines. The 2nd live PTO tower provides capacity for additional pumps and auxiliary attachments requiring a live PTO. Ideal for vessels in the 200HP/150 kW – 1000HP / 735KW range.


Logan Single Tower FlexaDrive with Dry Clutch:

Available in SAE Flywheel No. 1, No. 3, and other popular sizes. Ideal for engines in the 200HP / 150kW – 800HP / 600kw range.






Logan In-Line Hybrid Drives:

In-line drive using a self-contained Logan Direct Drive PTO Clutch.

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