MAN i6-800 Diesel: Power in Every Mile

Logan Front of Engine PTO Clutches – On Demand Power for Hydraulic Pumps, Winches, Reels and Hoists 

MAN i800_900-LC02_Camera_SOLIDWORKS Viewport

Logan System Advantages

  • On-demand, connect-disconnect power for pump drives 

  • Reduces fuel consumption, CO2, NOx, SOx and other emissions by engaging drives and pumps only when required

  • Less Maintenance: Extends life of driveline systems, hydraulic oil and components

  • Reduced ambient noise through intermittent use of pumps and equipment – ideal for workboats and Yachts

  • Better engine starts: Reduces horsepower draw and cranking power required during machine start-up by disconnecting the hydraulic system from the engine

  • Cooler running hydraulic systems: Heat is generated whenever oil dumps from high to low pressure without producing work

  • Easily disconnect the hydraulic pumps from the engine (via clutch) to troubleshoot hydraulics while engine remains in operation

  • Standard PTO clutches available in B, B-B, C, C-C, D, E and other sizes

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