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Logan Hi-Lo Retrokit and Hi-Speed Conversion Kits for Your Mechanical or Hydraulic New Britains!Logan HiLo retrokit for your new britain

New Logan Hi-Lo Retrokit and Hi-Speed Conversion Kits for your New Britain increase your machines daily and weekly output from 10%-20% - leaving you room for additional capacity, productivity, and profitability. Positive, fast-acting Logan Clutch engagement enables your New Britain to change speeds much faster and provides a more consistent and accurate cycle time than conventional mechanical clutch methods.

New! Roll Clutch Removal Feature Increases Productivity

Mechanical Roll or Rollaway clutches have a tendency to slip and grab at different points during speed changes and indexes. This causes expensive tool breakage and downtime when the machine goes past low-point in high-speed. Because Logan clutches improve cycle time repeatability, our new low-speed clutch feature replaces the old-style roll clutch. This enables set-up personnel to position tools closer to the workpiece, further reducing dwell time and overall cycle time.

Hi-Lo Retrokit Features

  • Reduces the idle time between speed changes.
  • Replaces mechanical clutches, roll clutch, band brake, and linkages with fast-acting air-actuated Logan Clutches.
  • Positive, crisp Logan Clutch engagement guarantees cycle time repeatability.
  • Simplifies clutch maintenance - No disc pack adjustment or slippage.
  • Quick-stop, power-applied brake Prevents machine coasting.
  • New! Low-speed clutch design reduces idle time - Machine operates more consistently.


  • Increase productivity from 10-20%.
  • Tools can be positioned closer to the workpiece due to repeatable high and low-speed clutch engagement.
  • Better machine utilization - More productivity from existing machines, operators, and floor space.



Elinimates roll clutch in New Britain

High Speed ClutchHigh Speed ClutchHigh Speed Clutch


New simplified gearbox layout concept
An overhead view of high-speed and power-feed clutches, drive and brake cups, spacers, fittings, etc. supplied with the mechanical portion of your Hi-Lo Retrokit.

Additional Benefits

  • Self-adjusting disc pack simplifies clutch
  • Positive, crisp clutch engagement Eliminates cone brake
  • More than twice the torque to move your stock reel, and accurate braking optimizes your bar loader investment

Complex mechanical gearbox layout

Old technology, mechanical high-speed clutch with lever arm and bronze cone brake.


Concept of why it works

Justification Worksheet For Your New Britain

Production time = 10 Hours/Day (70% Run Time)

New Britain Model 51 Mechanical Only W/Logan Retrokit Productivity Increase

Cycle Time (#seconds per part)

6.50 5.85 10.0%

Parts per minute

6.46 7.18 0.72

Parts per hour

388 431 43

Parts per shift (10 hrs. x 0.7)

3,877 4,308 431

Parts per day (1 shift)

3,876.92 4,307.69 431

Parts per week (5 days)

19,384.62 21,538.46 2,153.85

Parts per year (50 weeks)

969,230.77 1,076,923.02 107,692.31
Revenue @ $0.19 per part $184,153.85 $204,615.38 $20,461.54


  • Additional parts produced per year - with Hi-Lo Retrokit: 107,692.00
  • Total added revenue to companies top line, utilizing the existing machine, operator, and floor space: $20,461.54

Above calculation based on 10% increase in productivity - Varies by machine vintage

Call today for your Free Logan justification worksheet or visit our web site and input your own production data

Logan Hi-Lo Retrokit For Your Early and Late-Model New Britains!

Each Logan Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Accessory Kit is designed to save you time and money during installation. Kits are furnished with detailed mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic schematics.
Simple to Install:
  • Easily retrofit older machines. Does not require an expensive hydraulic power pack.
  • Field service is also available.

Pneumatic control layout on New Britain
View of factory assembled valve manifold, pressure regulator, hose and fittings.
Kits vary, based on machine configuration.

Hi-Lo Retrokit Control Options

Split butterfly cams
1. Standard Cams and Limit Switches


  • Conventional Cam and limit Switch operation



2. CS 2001XT16 Microprocessor Control

Popular Features:

  • Easy to read 2-line screen Displays cycle time, parts count, machine position in degrees

  • CS2001 XT16 P kit

    Machine Lockup detection -

  • low-speed shift points in degrees

  • Thread Check - detects tap failure and shuts down your machine before the index

  • 15 programmable tool counters

  • Eliminates auxiliary cams and limit switches

  • Stock Load positioning - reduce stock-up by 50%

  • LoganNet communication-ready

Plus many more features - call for details

CS2001 complete machine control


3. CS 2001 Microprocessor Control

All the features of the XT16 plus:

  • Full pre-wired push-button control station

  • Eliminates relay logic

  • 35 Programmable Tool Counters

  • Air coolant, lube pressure monitor capability

  • LoganNet 2.0 uptime, downtime analysis

Plus many more features - call for details


Air Threading Clutches

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Model 615
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