Hi-Lo Retrokit Conomatic

Positive, fast acting Logan clutch engagement enables your Conomatic to change speeds much faster, and provides a more consistent and accurate cycle time than existing electromagnetic clutches!

Increase Productivity 10-20%. Tools can be positioned closer to the work piece due to repeatable high and low speed clutch engagement.

Cone screw machines are available in the aftermarket at exceptional value prices. Many of these machines can be very productive for today's requirements. In many instances the cost of the HiLo Retrokit can exceed the initial cash cost of the machine. However, that initial cost of the machine tool doesn't change the equation for the justification of the Retrokit. Adding a Logan Clutch HiLo Retrokit to a machine, even one purchased for only a few thousand dollars, can lower the total cost of ownership by reducing scheduled maintenance, reducing downtime, and lowering cycle times.  

Factory or field retrofitted, enabling better utilization of operators, machines and floor space.


Hi-Lo Retrokits

Machine Models:
1" - VKA - 8
1-5/8' - VNA-8
2-5/8" - 8 GKC

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