Air Threading Wickman

Air Threading Wickman

Logan Air Threading Clutches for all Wickman Screw Machine sizes

Logan Air Threading Clutches employ the original drive cups or clutch gears to drive the threading spindle.

Change of speed is accomplished by a limit switch and a solenoid activated, directional control valve. At the prescribed depth, the limit switch is tripped by the threading slide shaft, shifting the Low-speed clutch to the High-speed clutch, allowing the tap to back out. Slow speed for tapping; Fast speed to back out.

  • Logan Clutches Eliminate Linkages, Glut, Levers, Pins which Simplifies Threading Clutch Operation and Efficiency.
  • Cut-away View of a Logan Hi-Capacity / Hi-Speed Air Threading Clutch for your Wickman.
  • A 412-0007 (120VAC) or 412-0014 (24VDC) Pneumatic Start-Up Kit is Available. Kit Includes; Limit Switch, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Pressure Regulator Valve, FRL Unit, Pressure Switch, All Tubing
  • View of a Logan Air Threading® Clutch Installed in a Wickman. Fits within Existing Clutch Gears or Drive Cups.
  • Logan Air Threading® Clutches for all Wickman Screw Machine Sizes
  • Wickman Pick-off Drive

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