Air Threading

For Your Greenlee

Now you can achieve state-of-the-art tapping repeatability, thread quality and tap life on your Greenlee. Our self-adjusting Air Threading Clutch outperforms your existing mechanical threading clutch in speed, torque, and RPM capabilities.

  • Greenlee Threading Clutch
  • Greenlee Gearbox Drive
  • Greenlee Gearbox Drive

Hi-Lo Retrokit

We replace your 1940s vintage mechanically actuated high speed and feed clutch, lever arms, linkage and pins with air actuated, Self-AdjustingTM Logan Clutches. Cycle time variation from improperly adjusted mechanical clutches results in lost productivity. Fast acting Logan Hi-Lo clutches guarantee cycle time repeatability, eliminate slippage, and reduce idle time between speed changes. For example, set-up personnel can position tools closer to the work piece, and reduce dwell time due to repeatable high and low speed clutch engagement - increase productivity on average from 10 20%.

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