Air Threading Euroturn

Air Threading Euroturn

Now you can achieve state-of-the art tapping repeatability, thread quality and tap life on your Euroturn. Our self-adjusting Air Threading Clutches outperform your existing electromagnetic threading clutch in engagement and disengagement, torque and RPM capabilities.

Since Logan Threading Clutch engagement is so smooth and positive Tap depth remains consistent over millions of parts. Also, the load on your tap is uniform, prolonging the life of the tap. Fewer tool changeovers are necessary.

Factory or Field Retrofitted: Logan threading Clutches and pick-off drives are simple to install and available for most Euroturn ever manufactured. Contact Logan today and make the switch from Mechanical to Logan!

Logan Air Threading Clutches allow more precise tapping operations. Uniform tap loading prolongs the life of your taps, increases thread quality and makes fewer tap changeovers necessary.


Air Threading Clutches

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6 - 20mm
6 - 25mm
6 - 32mm
8 - 32mm
And more


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