Air Threading Davenport

Air Threading Davenport

A New Twist for your Davenport Model B!

U.S. Patent No. 6,125,982


Logan brings you the latest tapping technology for your Davenport

The Davenport Model B has long been the machine of choice for high volume producers of screw machine products. Now you can enjoy state of the art tapping repeatability, reliability and quality in your early and late model Davenports with Logan Air Threading Clutches.

  • A 412-0005 Electrical And Pneumatic Startup Kit is Included with Each Kit. Includes: 110 Volt Pneumatic Valve Assembly with Mounting Bracket.
  • Davenport View of Complete Mechanical Assembly
  • 6:1 Steel and 2:1 Brass Method Tapping - No Problem!
  • Typical view of Logan Air Threading for your Davenport
  • Achieve Maximum Torque with Logan New 8-Disc, High-CapacityTM Starting Clutch.
  • Self-Adjusting Disc Pack, Guarantees Cycle Time Repeatability. Eliminates The Need For Mechanical Adjustment.
  • New Logan Hi-Lo Retrokits® with Logan Lockup Detection and Machine Controls
  • Partial View of Mechanical Strip-out.
  • Each Hi-Lo Retrokit Package is Furnished Complete with an Electrical-Pneumatic Start-Up Kit, and Schematic Drawings
  • Logan Hi-Lo Retrokits® Improve Consistency and Productivity of Early and Late Model Davenports
  • Uniform Threading - Ideal for ISO and Automotive Applications. Extremely Accurate Tap Depths.
  • New Low-Speed Clutch Design Eliminates Your Roll Clutch.
  • View of Mechanical Clutch and Linkages No Longer Required with The Logan Kit!
  • CS 2001XT8 on a Davenport Model B with Slant Panel Display Option.
  • More Than Twice the Torque to Move Your Stock Reel and Accurate Braking Optimizes Your Bar Loader Investment.

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