Clutches and Brakes
for Agriculture

Logan offers a variety of clutch and brake solutions for Agricultural applications, including:

Orchard Sprayers, Orchard Tractors, Tree Shakers, Nut Harvesting Equipment, Wind Machines, Citrus and Tree Skirters, Tree and Brush Chippers, Shuttle Trucks, Lagoon Crawlers, Tub Grinders, and Specialty Agricultural equipment.

Clutches are designed in a series, are hydraulically or pneumatically actuated, and can operate in a wet (oil) or dry environment. Modified standards can be engineered to meet specific customer and application design requirements that are outside of our standard catalog offering (Torque, RPM, Horsepower or Envelope).

Logan is an OEM manufacturer with its products proudly manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Logan Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing, and Service Personnel are ready to answer any questions on catalog specs, parts and service details and concerns about your specific design requirements. Logan's Global Parts and Service department are available to you 24/7 through Logan and our Dealer / Distributor Network.

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