2-Position Pump Drive - 730 HP

Logan FlexaDrive 2-Position Pump Drive System 300 HP 
For Engines up to 730 HP / 554 kw

2 Position Pump Drive | Logan Clutch

Left: FlexaDrive 2-position pump drive - Input Side

Right: FlexaDrive 2-position pump drive - Output Side

The Logan 2-Position Pump Drive is outfitted for up to four (4) PTI/PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 730 HP / 544 kW Engines, with maximum speeds up to 2200 RPM. Total heads capacity of 300 HP / 225 kW. A single head has a maximum 160 HP/120 kW. Various step-up gear ratios are available for direct drive PTO’s


Logan 700-2 FlexaDrive with Logan 1150 Series Clutch

FlexaDriveTM 2-position Pump Drive System For Engines up to 730 HP (554 kw)

The Logan 2-Position Pump Drive is outfitted with up to four (4) PTI / PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 730H (544 kW) Engines, with maximum Speeds up to 2200 RPM, and a maximum of 160 HP (120kW) per tower under continuous duty.

  • Input Housing SAE No. 1 – No. 3
  • Output Housing SAE No. 3
  • Pump Pads SAE A – SAE C
  • Continuously Rated – Total 300 Hp (225Kw)
  • Continuously Rated – Per Tower 160 Hp (120Kw)
  • Integrated Reservoir
  • SAE J1939 Compatible


Logan Direct Drive Power Take-off (PTO) ClutchesLogan Direct Drive Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches

How They Work:  

Direct Drive PTO’s are self-contained, fluid or air activated clutches, positioned between a live PTO pad and hydraulic pump.

PTO Clutch Advantages:

  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by engaging drives and pumps only when required
  • Better Engine Starts: Reduces horsepower draw and cranking power required during machine start-up by disconnecting the hydraulic system from the engine
  • Reduced ambient noise through intermittent use of pumps and equipment
  • Cooler running hydraulic systems: Heat is generated whenever oil dumps from high to low pressure without producing work. Disconnecting the PTO Clutch reduces the destructive effects of heat – lowering maintenance costs and hydraulic oil service requirements
  • Extends the life of drive systems and components
  • Standard PTO clutches available in B, B-B, C, C-C, and other popular sizes
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