Logan Clutch Video Library


Welcome to the Logan Clutch video library. On this page you will find demonstration videos of our clutches hard at work in real life machinery along with other videos about our corporation. If you have any questions regarding our videos or the product offerings within our website, please don't hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives.


Logan Threading Clutches for Your Davenport Screw Machine
Logan Air Threading for your Acme Screw Machines
Logan Spindle Carrier Indexing Kits for your Acme Screw Machines
Logan Controls for your Acme Screw Machines
Logan Clutch Company Overview
Logan Clutch LC-311 Bell Housing PTO Clutch used on a Loader Mounted Snow Blower
Logan Clutches for Davenport Screw Machines
Logan Bell Housing PTO Clutch for your Jetstream Waterblaster
Logan Hi Lo Retrokit for your Acme Screw Machines
Browne and Sharp Ultramatic

Logan's Favorite Videos Handpicked from Youtube

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