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Logan Clutch CorporationMade in USA
  • CH Series
  • NEW! Logan FlexaDrive!
  • Logan LVC Series Clutch
  • Logan Clutches for offshore supply vessels
  • Cummins Engine
  • Big Engine
  • Logan LC-211 Gen. III Bell Housing PTO
  • LC318 Ventilated Drive Ring
  • SAE PTO Mounted to CAT eng. pump drive
  • Fire Boat
  • Logan 600 Series C-C Mount, SAE Direct Drive PTO
  • Tug Engine Room
  • Logan SAE Direct Drive PTO 600
  • Logan LC-314 Bell Housing PTO for Snow Blowers

John Deere 4045T

The Logan PTO aids in the reduction of emissions, energy, fuel costs and wear and tear on auxiliary attachments. The low profile, compact, Logan PTO design is suitable for workboats, fishing boats and pleasure craft.

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CAT C6.6 and C4.4

The Logan PTO has an integrated torsional isolation coupling. It also has 600 lb. ft. of continious duty torque @ 100 psi.-140 psi. Max engagement speed is 1800 RPM. It is air or fluid actuated from 90 to 140 psi.

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Cummins Diesel Engine

Multiple optional accessory control packages to suit every model. Installs in minutes with simple hand tools. Engineered Mounting Bracket for Precise Alignment. Available with PTO 600 or PTO 1000.

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Bell Housing PTO Clutch

Bell Housing

The Logan air / fluid actuated Bell Housing PTO clutches are self-adjusting and designed to mount directly to a diesel or gasoline engine’s flywheel. Usable in a wide variety of applications from marine vessels to vacuums.

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Scania Marine Engine

Scania Marine Engines

The PTO directly connects to a pump drive, which powers winches, reels, hoists, and deck pressure washers. It also can be coupled to an alternator to supply electric power to other power consumers on the vessel.

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LVC Series Clutch

Logan Air actuated LVC Series Clutches, specifically designed for Well Service Rigs / Oil & Gas Drawworks. Significantly lighter in weight, provides more torque, and offers larger bore and keyway capability over the competition.

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Welcome to Logan Clutch

Family owned and operated since 1975, Logan offers a complete line of hydraulically or pneumatically actuated industrial clutches and brakes for a variety of wet and dry clutch applications. Markets include: Marine, Oil Field, Machine Tool, Mining, Construction and more.


Applications include: Marine Transmissions, Z-Drives, Draw Works, Gearboxes and Over-Center clutches; Tunnel Boring, Road Grinding and Snow Removal Equipment; Deck Winches, Mooring winches, Pump Drives, Multi-spindle Screw Machines, Tree Chippers and Tub Grinders - well as Conventional and High performance friction and steel clutch discs.

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