FlexaDrive™ Marine

New Multiple Pump Drive Gearbox System

Logan FlexaDrive™ System:
The Logan FlexaDrive is sandwiched between your engine and transmission; allowing up to 10 live PTO pump pads for a wide range of hydraulic pump requirements such as: drive shafts, pumps, pulleys, and clutchable power take-offs.

Single Source for Power:

Imagine a new or repowered vessel where the main engines provide propulsive power and drive electric generators, bow thrusters, and mission-specific equipment. What's more, they also provide back-up and redundancy for critical-vessel systems. The Logan FlexaDrive and FlexaGen make this possible.


  • Logan 700-2 FlexaDrive with  Logan 1150 Series Clutch
  • Conventional FlexaDrive / FlexaGen installation showing multiple  input/output options
  • Logan 1000-2 FlexaDrive
  • Logan 1000-2 Series  FlexaDriveTM  with Logan LCH  Series Clutch
  • NEW! Logan FlexaDrive Pump Drive Gearbox
  • Logan Flexadrive for Hybrid Applications. Up to (10) PTO/PTI. 500 HP/400kw total. (200HP/150kw per pad)
  • Side View of FlexaDrive Showing Logan Direct Drive Bell Housing PTO Coupled Between Engine and FlexaDrive.
  • 402 Series Shaft Adapters and Pulley Adapters For Side Loading and Radial Loads
  • Logan Power Take-Off (PTO) Clutches for PTO Towers
  • U.S. Hybrid Tug, The Campbell Foss Campbell Foss Was the World’s Second Hybrid Tug.
  • Logan Connect-Disconnect Bell Housing PTO Clutch. Operates Wet (Oil Bath) or Dry
  • Logan Bell Housing Clutches are Also Designed for Intermittent or Continuous Slip, for Dynamic Positioning. With Optional J-1939 Communication for Standard Engine Protocol.
  • For Engines up to 730 HP / 554 kW. FlexaDrive 2-Position Pump Drive - Input Side
  • For Engines up to 730 HP / 554 k. Flexadrive 2-Position Pump Drive - Output Side
  • Logan Flexadrive for Hybrid Applications. Up to (10) PTO/PTI. 500 HP/400kw total. (200HP/150kw per pad)
  • Logan 3000-3 FlexaDrive with LC314 Clutch  Pictured in Logan Tech Center
  • Logan 1000-2 FlexaDrive


  • Hybrid Drive Systems
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Skid Mounted Systems
    and Gensets
  • Front of Marine Engines


  • Up to (10) live PTO/PTI positions
  • Short axial length, plus full torque transmission
  • Available in: SAE 1, 2, 3 and 0 and 00 Bell Housing sizes
  • Flexible couplings in: SAE 11.5”, 14”, 18” and 21” flywheel sizes
  • Up to 5000 HP or 3700 kW @ 2600 RPM
  • Short axial length, plus full torque transmission 

Logan FlexaDriveTM Advantages:

  • Significantly reduces diesel engine operating hours, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and engine maintenance
  • Hybrid Ready – FlexaDrive™ / FlexaGen™ feature allows for auxiliary generators to provide low-power propulsion during standby or transit or additional “turbo” bollard pull during ship assists
  • Variable speed motor generator acts as a genset or increases bollard pull during ship assists
  • Up to (10) live PTO / PTI positions 
  • Up to (5) cartridge-style pump drive towers (up to 200 HP / 150 kW for each tower – 600 HP total) for current requirements and future scalability 
  • Flexible couplings in: SAE 11.5”, 14”,18” and 21” flywheel sizes
  • For engine capacities from 200 HP (150 kW) up to 5000 HP (3700 kW) @ 2600 RPM
  • Short axial length – full torque transmission

Logan FlexaDriveTM Multiple Pump Drive Systems

Standard Specifications and Options:

  • Engine capacities from 200 HP (150 kW) to 5000 HP (3700 kW) 2600 Max. RPM
  • (5) Pump drive towers and (10) pump pads; (2) per tower
  • Up to (5) PTI/PTO drives (up to 200 HP/150 kw each)
  • Integral flexible coupling to dampen torsional vibration
  • (3) Sizes: (2) Towers 300 HP, (5) Towers 300 HP, and (5) Towers 600 HP in total pads capacity
  • Optional J-1939 communications works with standard engine protocol

End Uses:

  • Hybrid Drive Systems
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Skid Mounted Systems and Gensets


Logan FlexaDriveTM / FlexaGenTM  Systems:Conventional FlexaDrive /  FlexaGen installation showing multiple input/output options

The Logan FlexaDrive: is a multiple pump drive system, sandwiched between your engine and clutch, or transmission; allowing up to ten (10) live PTO / PTI pumps pads for a wide range of hydraulic requirements such as drive shafts, pumps, pulleys, and clutchable power take-offs.

The Logan FlexaGen: utilizes a variable speed motor generator, installed on a FlexaDrive tower, to provide low level propulsion instead of running the large main engines. The same unit can seamlessly function as a genset, and support vessel services, whenever the main engine is running – and further contribute by lowering emissions, fuel consumption, and engine maintenance. An added benefit is increased redundancy, which makes the vessel power plant more robust.

Logan Hybrid FlexaDriveTMLogan FlexaDrive configured for hybrid applications

The hybrid version of the FlexaDrive, is suitable for new-build or retrofit projects, and positions the FlexaDrive between a Logan clutch and transmission, enabling multiple propulsion modes:

  • Mechanical Only 
    (With Variable Speed Generator)
  • Diesel Electric (Using Small Aux Gen)
  • Full Electric (with Batteries)
  • Main Engine “Boost”



FlexaDrive™ Main Drive Clutches

FlexaDrive Main Drive Clutches | Logan Clutch



Logan connect-disconnect Bell Housing PTO Clutch. Operates wet (oil bath) or dry

Logan Bell Housing PTO clutches are hydraulic or pneumatically activated and can operate wet (oil bath) or dry. The Logan FlexaDrive Mounts to a wide range of Logan Bell Housing PTO’s, Logan LSC series Clutches, as well as any marine transmission for direct torque transmission. Clutch Housings can be mounted rigidly or through soft mounts to the engine base frame or engine foundation.

Logan FlexaDriveTM Drive Systems for Your Mobile Equipment

2-position Pump Drive System For Engines up to 730 HP / 554 kw

The Logan 2-position Pump Drive is outfitted for up to four (4) PTI/PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 730 HP / 544 kW Engines, with maximum speeds up to 2600 RPM, and maximum of 160 HP (120 kW) per tower (continuous duty).

  • SAE J617 No. 1, 2, 3 Input Housings
  • SAE J617 No. 3 Output Housing
  • SAE J744  A, B, C Pump Pads
  • Suitable for Most Flexible Couplings or Flywheel Drive Plates
  • Full Engine Power Transmission Through the Output Flywheel
  • Up to 160 HP Maximum (120 kW) Per Tower; Total Capacity 300 HP (225 kW) - Continuous Duty
  • 5-Position Models Available for up to 5000 HP/3700 kW
  • SAE J1939 Option with Multiple CAN BUS Inputs/Outputs
  • Modified Standards Available


FlexaDriveTM 2-position Pump Drive System For Engines up to 730 HP (554 kw)

The Logan 2-Position Pump Drive is outfitted with up to four (4) PTI / PTO pads, and can accommodate up to 730H (544 kW) Engines, with maximum Speeds up to 2600 RPM, and a maximum of 160 HP (120kW) per tower under continuous duty.
  • Input Housing SAE No. 1 – No. 3
  • Output Housing SAE No. 3
  • Pump Pads SAE A – SAE C
  • Continuously Rated – Total 300 Hp (225Kw)
  • Continuously Rated – Per Tower 160 Hp (120Kw)
  • Integrated Reservoir
  • SAE J1939 Compatible


Logan Direct Drive Power Take-off (PTO) ClutchesLogan Direct Drive Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches

How They Work:  

Direct Drive PTO’s are self-contained, fluid or air activated clutches, positioned between a live PTO pad and hydraulic pump.

PTO Clutch Advantages:

  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by engaging drives and pumps only when required
  • Better Engine Starts: Reduces horsepower draw and cranking power required during machine start-up by disconnecting the hydraulic system from the engine
  • Reduced ambient noise through intermittent use of pumps and equipment
  • Cooler running hydraulic systems: Heat is generated whenever oil dumps from high to low pressure without producing work. Disconnecting the PTO Clutch reduces the destructive effects of heat – lowering maintenance costs and hydraulic oil service requirements
  • Extends the life of drive systems and components
  • Standard PTO clutches available in B, B-B, C, C-C, and other popular sizes

Logan FlexaDrive for Hybrid Applications 

Single Source for Power:
Imagine a vessel that only requires main engines, not generators and other auxiliary power sources, to produce electricity, drive bow thrusters, power mission specific hydraulic equipment (cranes or fishing equipment), run fire and cooling pumps  provide back-up, and redundancy for critical vessel systems.  The Logan FlexaDrive™ makes all of this possible.

Hybrid Technology:
In recent years, there has been considerable emphasis placed on reducing emissions in the marine industry. Regulatory bodies around the globe have imposed stringent limits on the amount and types of emissions that can be released.   Marine operators and technology developers are aggressively working to reduce the fuel consumed and the emissions produced by the world’s fleets.

Hybrid technology has been at the forefront of these initiatives and has been identified by ship owners as a means of making their vessels more environmentally friendly, while at the same time reducing operating and maintenance costs.  Logan Clutch has been a proud contributor to several hybrid projects and continues to look for opportunities to assist clients with leading edge propulsion concepts.

Logan FlexaDrive Scalability
A case-in-point is the new Logan FlexaDrive™ for Main Propulsion.  This unique product is comprised of a multi-disc friction clutch and the revolutionary FlexaDrive™ gearbox. The modular design means that the units can either be used together or independently to satisfy a vessel’s operational requirements.  The clutches are hydraulically actuated and can be purchased in “on/off” or “slipping” models.  The FlexaDrive™ gearbox provides your propulsion line with built in “scalability”.  This compact design allows up to five PTO/PTI drive towers to be added, as required, to satisfy current or future requirements for shipboard auxiliary power.

Incorporating the new Logan FlexaDrive™ into your existing or new-build vessel can open the door to implementing hybrid and other efficiency enhancing functionality, either now or in the future.  Attaching an induction motor to one of the drive towers provides not only a source of additional electrical power when the main engine is running, it is able to provide propulsive power to the shaft line when the engine is not.  This can be done to provide a “come home” mode in case of engine failure, or can be part of a hybrid arrangement that is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Return on Investment: Reduced Fuel Consumption and a Cleaner Footprint
Choosing a Logan FlexaDrive™to be part of your new build or retrofit project will not only provide return on investment for years to come based on efficiency, it can also reduce your overall capital expenditure as well.  The Logan FlexaDrive™ opens the door to reducing the number of generators fitted, or stand-alone hydraulic systems; all of these can be supplied by the Logan FlexaDrive™ fitted with the appropriate attachments.

Logan Clutch Flexadrive Product

Logan Clutches For Main Propulsion, Auxiliary
Power Take-Off Drives / PTO, and FiFi Applications

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