PTO 900 Specs CX28/31/35

Designed and tested for the Caterpillar CX28/31/35 Transmission
PTO 900 diagram


PTO 900 Specifications
  U.S. S.I.
Rated Torque (Maximum) 900 Ft.Lbs 1220 Nm
Maximum HP 410 HP 305 KW
Maximum RPM 2400 RPM 2900 RPM
Rotation Bi-rotation Bi-rotation
Maximum Actuation Pressure 330 psi 20 Bar
Minimum Actuation Pressure 290 psi 17 Bar
Displacement (Maximum) 2.7 in3 16,4 cm3
Minimum Flow Rate Required 1.5 GPM 5.6 Liters/min
Operating Media at Clutch (Oil or Air) Standard Standard
Maximum Back Pressure to Tank 7 psi 0.5 Bar
Maximum Fluid Temperature 180F 82C
Material - Shaft Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Housing Aluminum Aluminum
External Finish - Shaft Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Housing Anodized Anodized
Weight (Approximate) 29 Lbs 13 Kg.


- Consult Logan for applications that require lower actuation pressure or increased torque and rpm requirements.

Designed by Logan Clutch and tested by Caterpillar specifically for use with the CX28/31/35 Transmission

Note: The 1000 series torque and envelope specifications may be modified to meet specific customer needs. Please use the above dimensions as a reference only. Consult Logan for specific envelope, torque and spline data.

PTO 900 Series Static Torque Ratings
PSI (Ratings in ft. lbs. )
Model 290 310 330
1000 1262 1357 1452


PTO 900 Series Static Torque Ratings
Bar (Ratings in Nm)
Model 20 21.4 22.8
200 1711 1840 1969


PTO 900 Series Shaft Options
Part No.
Output Description
SAE C-C spline 17T 12/24 DP
SDD-0912 SAE D spline 13T 8/16 DP



  • Companion flange shown not included.
  • Output shaft can be built to suit customer.



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