Pipe Laying Barge Company chooses Logan for Mooring and Anchoring Winches

Pipe Laying BargeHydraulic Clutch for Marine WinchLogan CH Series Hydraulic Clutch. Drive Ring.Mechanical Dog-clutch replaced by hydraulically actuated Logan CH clutchA pipe lay barge is a specialized vessel which may require up to eight (8) winches to operate simultaneously to properly lay pipe on the ocean floor. This particular barge company winches were equipped with conventional winches that used “dog-type” clutches used to manually engage and disengage the winch. This was a difficult and laborious procedure since it was nearly impossible to get each winch properly aligned before engagement.

With the Logan hydraulically operated, self-adjusting CH series clutch, engagement and disengagement of the clutch is done remotely with the press of a button, from the comfort of the wheel house control room - with the option of local push-button engagement as needed for testing. The barge operator now benefits from faster operating start-up operations and requires less man power to run the winch operation on his vessel.

The particular Pipe Lay Barge is equipped with 8 Mooring Winches and 2 Anchor Winches  (130 ton Winches). Each Winch, including the anchor winches, uses Logan CH 2150 Hydraulic Actuated, Air Cooled Clutch for Winching In and Pay Out operation. Each controlled remotely from the wheel house or through local, push-button engagement.

With the use of Logan CH Clutch, the Winch has a better safety feature – since the Winch can be engaged and disengaged at any position and speed during normal operations or in an emergency. Unlike a Jaw Clutch which requires an operator to manually and mechanically jog the winch to disengage it.

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