Bell Housing PTO Municipal Service Vehicles -

Municipal Service Vehicles / Attachments

Municipal Vehicle

With 480 lb. ft. of torque (650 Nm) @ 200 psi (13,8 bar), the Logan LC-111 Bell Housing PTO transmits almost twice the  typical torque required 262 lb. ft. (355 Nm) to power this Municipal service vehicle / tractor and its attachments.








Cold Planers /Grinding Attachments for Wheel Loaders and Backhoes

Road Grinding

Cold Planers are designed to cut asphalt and concrete on streets and highways during the repair or resurfacing process.

With engine ranges from 70 to 213 HP, a Logan LC-211 is up to the task by transmitting up to 900 lb. ft. of torque (1220 Nm) @ 200 psi (13,8 bar).

Road grinding cutting depths may go up to 12 inches (30.48 cm) deep and widths up to 72” (1,82.88cm) wide.

Below: Milling machine equipped with 200hp engine and LC211 PTO
shown on a mounted on a wheel loader


Milling Machine with Logan Clutch LC211 PTO Zanites Flail Cutter attachment for clearing brush and small treesSnow Thrower Attachment powered byt Logan PTO


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