• FlexaDrive


    Multiple Pump Drive
    Gearbox Systems

    Pump Drive Systems for
    Mobile, Marine, and Industrial
    Engines ranging from
    200HP/149 kW up to
    5000 HP /3728 kW

  • Baker Hughes / Lufkin Gearbox with Logan 600 Series Direct Drive PTO

    Baker Hughes / Lufkin Gearbox

    With Logan 600 Series
    Direct Drive PTO Clutch

    Direct Drive PTO with SOFTSTARTTM feature for on-demand, connect-disconnect applications

  • Fire Rescue Sandwich Mass

    Logan Power
    Take-Off Clutches

    Connect-Disconnect Clutch for
    FiFi Pump Drive Applications

    Front of Engine PTO Clutch for Cummins QSB 6.7 Engine

  • Self Adjusting LC318 Bell Housing PTO

    Logan Self-Adjusting
    Bell Housing PTO's

    For Mobile, Marine
    and Industrial Applications

  • Logan Power Take-Off SAE PTO on Liz V High Speed Wind Farm

    Logan Power Take-Off

    Front of Engine PTO Clutch
    for CAT C32 Marine Engine

    Logan PTO's are Used to Connect-Disconnect Pump Drive which Controls Bow and Tunnel Thrusters

  • Logan SAE Direct Drive PTO 600 Series

    SAE 600 Series
    Power Take-Off Clutches

    Front of Engine PTO for QSB 6.7
    Diesel Engine

    Transmits 600 lb. ft. of Continuous
    Duty Torque @ 1800 RPM (continuous duty).

  • Twin CH 1050 Clutches on GE Lufkin Gearbox

    Baker Hughes /
    GE Lufkin Marine Gearbox

    Twin CH 1050 Series Clutches

  • Logan Clutches For Main Propulsion, Auxiliary Power Take-Off Drives, and FiFi Apps

    Logan Clutches For Main Propulsion, Auxiliary Power Take-Off Drives, and FiFi Applications

    Typical View of Hybrid Tug Engine Room

  • Bell Housing PTO with RJ Link Reduction Gearbox

    Bell Housing PTO
    With RJ Link Reduction

    For Skid Mounted Irrigation

    LC-314 with SAE No. 1 Housing

  • Logan LC314 Bell Housing PTO on Snowblower

    Logan LC-314
    Bell Housing PTO

    Airport Snow Blower

    Removes 1.4 Tons of Snow per Second Over 200 ft.

  • Logan CH and HPC Series Clutch

    CH Series

    For Marine Z-Drives,
    Winches, Multi-Speed
    Transmissions and

  • Logan Power Take-Off Clutches

    Logan Power
    Take-Off Clutches

    Flywheel Mounted PTO Clutches

    905 Series SAE  PTO’s Transmit
    up to 1500 lb. ft. @ 1800 RPM
    (continuous duty)

  • LVC Series PTO Clutches

    LVC Series
    PTO Clutches

    Clutches for Well Service Rigs
    and Drawworks

  • Logan SAE Direct Drive PTO\'s

    Logan SAE Direct Drive
    PTO's for Allison Transmission

    SAE PTO Mounted on a Wing Drive
    Coupled to an Allison
    Series Transmission

  • Logan Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches

    Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches

    Connect-Disconnect PTO’s for Pump Drive Applications

    Front of Engine PTO for Cummins QSB 6.7 Engine

Captain Clutch Logan Clutch

Welcome to Logan Clutch

Family-owned and operated since 1975, Logan offers a complete line of hydraulically or pneumatically actuated industrial clutches and brakes for a variety of wet and dry clutch applications.

Markets include: Marine, Oil Field, Machine Tool, Mining, Construction, and more.

Applications include: Marine Transmissions, Z-Drives, Draw Works, Gearboxes, and Over-Center clutches; Tunnel Boring, Road Grinding, and Snow Removal Equipment; Deck Winches, Mooring winches, Pump Drives, Multi-spindle Screw Machines, Tree Chippers, and Tub Grinders - as well as Conventional and High-performance friction and steel clutch discs.

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