Adds Plug and Play Power Capability for
New Builds or Repowers

Logan’s new FlexaGen™ is a variable speed motor/generator, typically driven by the main propulsion engines, through Logan’s innovative FlexaDrive™ multi-drive gearbox system.

The FlexaGen™is designed to be a standardized power conversion building block that permits operators to select pre-integrated, plug and play units of electrical power for their vessels. FlexaGen™ systems are supplied with all necessary power conversion and control equipment, and can be used to support the vessel’s electrical bus, displace an auxiliary diesel generator, or to power specific consumers directly such as bow-thrusters or cargo handling equipment. With standard configurations of 50KW, 75KW and 100KW available, FlexaGen™ is both scalable, and where required, customizable in both size and configuration. 

  • FlexaGen
  • FlexaGen
  • FlexaGen
  • FlexaGen

FlexaGen™ delivers cost effective power generation solutions for clients and is suitable either for new build or retrofit projects. 
FlexaDriveT™/ FlexaGen™ systems are a smart choice for vessel designers as they accommodate the consolidation of multiple functionalities into a single, small footprint, low cost and expandable platform. In addition to motor/generators, FlexaDrive™ PTOs can be added, as required, to power such vessel services as fuel & hydraulic pumps, steering gears, cooling pumps etc.  

Logan FlexaDriveTM / FlexaGenTM  Systems:Conventional FlexaDrive /  FlexaGen installation showing multiple input/output options

The Logan FlexaDrive: is a multiple pump drive system, sandwiched between your engine and clutch, or transmission; allowing up to ten (10) live PTO / PTI pumps pads for a wide range of hydraulic requirements such as drive shafts, pumps, pulleys, and clutchable power take-offs.

The Logan FlexaGen: utilizes a variable speed motor generator, installed on a FlexaDrive tower, to provide low level propulsion instead of running the large main engines. The same unit can seamlessly function as a genset, and support vessel services, whenever the main engine is running – and further contribute by lowering emissions, fuel consumption, and engine maintenance. An added benefit is increased redundancy, which makes the vessel power plant more robust.

Platform for Hybrid Provision:

The FlexaDrive™/ FlexaGen™ products can also serve as the platform for a “right-sized”, hybrid propulsion system. The FlexaDrive™ HT (Hybrid Technology) system is a full featured alternative to more expensive systems that are currently being marketed in the marine industry. Depending on vessel requirements, the FlexaDrive™ HT system can provide a wide range of operational modes including electric only, diesel electric, mechanical only, bollard boost and more.


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