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Logan FlexaDrives for Manure and Dragline Equipment

Logan FlexaDrives for Manure and Dragline Equipment

Posted By Jana Vanadia
October 27, 2021 Category: Mobile, Agriculture

Perfection Pumping Corporation uses the Logan FlexaDrive and CAT C15 600 HP engine to power auxiliary pumps used on its custom made manure dragline equipment. Manure is stored in large lagoons so biological processes can transform the animal waste into a usable fertilizer. The manure pumping industry functions by assisting farmers with their pumping needs. The bulk of the business is in the spring and fall. For Marcel Wassink of Perfection Pumping Corporation in Alberta, Canada, the narrow pumping season means it is crucial to have consistent uptime, reliability, and low maintenance on his key pumping equipment.  Logan FlexaDriveTM provides additional power sources for auxiliary equipment The Challenge:  Prior to making the switch to the FlexaDrive, Wassink was using a live PTO off his CAT D7 tractor to power his hydraulic systems.  The hydraulic PTO takeoff that he was using simply couldn’t stand up to the demands of his hydraulic system, leading to frequent downtime. When this setup gave out, Wassink began using the power take-off from his John Deere 8R 250 HP tractor. This configuration came with its own set of issues, specifically that the tractor was being used entirely as a stationary PTO for days at a time. “We were paying almost $75 in depreciation for every hour using that hydraulic pump,” says Wassink. The Solution: Wassink developed his own, stand-alone, skid mounted pumping station using a CAT C15 600 HP engine, a Logan

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