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Jet Boat Fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska

By Andrew Logan
January 16, 2018 Category: General, Marine

Fishing for Salmon in Alaskas Bristol Bay can be a challenge all by itself. This area is a Sport Fisher-mans paradise so the area is filled with commercial as well as pleasure fishing boats during the season. Being able to maneuver fast in these waters is a plus. Steve Tutt has owned many Jet Propulsion fishing boats and has made a name for himself in this area of the world. Steve has found that Jet Propulsion fishing boats idea for the conditions found in the Bay. One thing Steve found out that fishing in crowded waters can be a bit of an issue with Jet Propulsion. Controlling the Jet Boat and nets in neutral position can be a problem since the boat tends to circle. It would be easy to snag a line or another fishermans net. Steve began looking for solutions to see what could be done. His efforts first lead him to the option of retrofit-ting one of his boats with a Marine Gear. Although possible the cost would be in the 6K to 8K range plus the cost to retrofit. Besides that the weight

Logan PTO and CAT Genset

By Logan Clutch
January 16, 2018 Category: General, Mobile

A major harbor tug operator in the US had a need to up-grade some of its old Detroit Diesel driven Gensets. This operator has the hydraulic requirements for the boat and deck winches provided by two hydraulic pumps mounted on the front of two redundant Gensets. (This is an alternate solution to main engine mounted hydraulic pumps and allows for the hydraulic systems to be run at the dock and without the mains being operated.) In normal operation, one genset provided all of the ships power. The second genset provided all of the ships hydraulic requirements. In an emergency where additional electricity or additional hydraulic pump flow was required, the second unit could be used to provide additional resources. In the event of a failure, one genset could provide enough electricity and hydraulic flow for the boat to still operate until the first unit could be repaired, keeping a valuable piece of equipment operating and providing revenue. The clutch allowed the pump not being used to be

Hybrid Truck Uses Logan Clutch Technology

By Andrew Logan
January 16, 2018 Category: General, Mobile

Logan was the partner with LightningHybrids of Loveland CO on a recently brought to market round-town delivery truck. The system is particularly well suited to heavy stop start duty trucks saving up to 40% of the fuel. LightningHybrids had the unique idea of a hydraulic hybrid. Energy is stored in a hydraulic accumulator and used during acceleration. LightningHybrids demanded a long and reliable duty cycle with performance that didnt change over time. Additionally they need a part that would offer all the value at a price that could be sold to a price sensitive fleet owner for retrofit into existing equipment. In the prototype stage LightningHybrids found that the Logan Units could work as required. Ever demanding they, investigated competitors but in the end returned to the Logan product because of Engineering support, manufacturing capacity and proven performance at a value price point. The Logan S35 was heavily modified to fit into the existing envelope. Logan Engineers worked

Logan Clutch Used in a Robot for an Oil Pipeline

By Logan Clutch
January 16, 2018 Category: General

The Challenge To develop a unit that can go through an oil pipeline that is capable of doing measurements and still be strong enough to carry a cable through the pipe-line. Besides the pipeline being limited in space there are sometimes small obstructions to past through larger welds and dirt in spots. The customer solution was to build a Robot to do this work. Inside the robot there would be an electrical motor connected to a gearbox. That gearbox is connected to 2 axles. On each axle there are 2 clutches (4 clutches in total) and when there is an obstruction in the line there can be a peak load on one of the axles. A second later the other axle will help and the torque will be divided on each axle The peak load is only for a short moment, usually less than 5 seconds to pass the obstruction. If longer the electrical power drops in half to a safety mode. This means the torque to the clutch or the unit will never be above specifications. The start and stop of the unit is always without

Acme-Gridley Screw Machine Rebuilder Improves Cycle Time by 33 Percent

By Michael Krizmanich
April 20, 2017 Category: General, Screw Machines

The machine tool business has many challenges and in many companies there are still opportunities for reducing costs, improving productivity and machine reliability. Machine rebuilders are trusted partners who help customers to bring a high value machine back into optimal working condition even after years of use and millions of parts. There are different options when selecting a machine rebuilder, especially when rebuilding an Acme-Gridley in the Great Lakes region. In this case the rebuilder is Brett May Engineering also known as BME. BME is better known for their attachments and tooling but they are also an excellent option for an Acme rebuild. BME offers complete rebuilding services for Acme-Gridley multi-spindle bar automatics. Along with rebuilding the base machine, they also offer a complete turn-key tooled machine to fit the customers needs. BME understands the benefit of the Logan Clutch Hi-Lo Retrokit and CS2001 control. They know that the Logan kit will reduce the cycle time

Logan XT16 Chip BreakerTM Software

By Michael Krizmanich
December 27, 2016 Category: General, Screw Machine

Logan Clutch now offers Chip Breaker technology on its line of CS2001 XT16 Microprocessor Controls. Chip Breaker technology enables Acme, New Britain, Davenport and Wickman users to minimize or eliminate nesting of metal stringers that occur in the feed cycle (when making aluminum parts). This feature minimizes the need for operators to tend to or shut down the machine to clear chips. In addition to the Chip Breaker software settings, other factors must be considered and potentially modified. These are the feed rate and the tooling. Industry feedback is that it should take no more than 2-3 revolutions of the spindle to break the chip, whether you are using a chip breaker cam or our software. The feed rate must also be considered and keep in mind the back pressure of the feed, which varies during the cycle. Note that a hard coded timer is used in the logic that ensures the machine does not dwell for more than 1/2 second. This is done to avoid a machine lockup condition by using these

Logan CS2001TM Controls Support Door Interlock / Start Interrupt Switches

By Michael Krizmanich
December 27, 2016 Category: General, Screw Machine

OSHA rulings and regulations are requiring screw machine users to upgrade their machines with door interlock switches. The purpose is to ensure that the machine cannot be started when a door is open, and the main motor stops when a door is opened. The CS2001 control from Logan Clutch is a solution that has passed OSHA scrutiny in hundreds of machines. It works with the dedicated inputs of the CS2001 control and the three levels of programming security in the software. One security level is Set-up mode. Access to Set-up mode is controlled and secure. When a machine door is open it can only be jogged while in Set-up mode only. This enables CS2001 users to work in the tool zone, jog the machine and know that the machine cannot be started. CS2001TM Door Interlock / Start Interrupt Switch Inputs: How They Work The CS2001 Microprocessor Control has two pairs of inputs for two Door Interlock Switches. Each pair of is designed for one normally opened switch contact and one normally closed switch

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Runway Cleaning / Airport and Roadway Marking Removal Equipment

By Andrew Logan
October 18, 2016 Category: General, Mobile

Water blasting trucks quickly and completely remove all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete applications on roadways, airports, parking lots, with up to 40,000 psi. (2700 bar) of water pressure. The simultaneous jetting and vacuuming of the remnant material, minimizes damage to surfaces and eliminates secondary clean-up. Logan flywheel mounted, hydraulically actuated, Bell Housing PTO clutches are an ideal option, and available in No. 00 No. 5 size flywheel; fitting engines with HP ranges from 50 1000 HP. Self-adjusting, smooth engagement and disengagement, as well as remote activation, make the Bell Housing PTO ideal for diesel and spark ignited engines for mobile applications.

Logan Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches For Mobile Equipment

By Andrew Logan
October 12, 2016 Category: General, Mobile

OEM Manufacturer of Construction Equipment Works Together with Logan Application Team The Challenge: Before OEM contacts Logan to solve system issues which are causing hydraulic pump failure Most OEM manufacturers of mobile equipment use hydraulic piston pumps to control machine movements and attachments. In many cases these hydraulic piston pumps are driven remotely from the engines auxiliary PTO drive via a slip yoke shaft. Machine Operators must be able to turn these pumps on and off when the vehicle is driven from job site to job site - in order to prevent over speeding the pump when the engine is running faster than the pumps normal hydraulic work speed. There is also the potential for all the pumps to engage at once, which would cause the input torque rating to be above the engine specifications causing hydraulic system and pump failure. In this situation, customers were going beyond the limits of the machine and pump specs the OEM had to do something quickly -they contacted

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Power Generation

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category: General, Mobile

Standard Logan Bell Housing PTOs are available in No. 00 to No.7 size SAE Bells. This application required a Logan LC-314 (No. 01 Size Bell), Clutch for main propulsion and a Logan SAE Direct Drive PTO (1000 series) to drive an auxiliary pump with an SAE C spline off the front of the engine.

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Typical Applications

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category: General, Mobile

In this example, the customer has developed a skid mounted drive system, with a Heavy-duty side load requirement. Logan Engineers specified a Generation II LC-314 due to its spread bearing design. The Logan Gen. II handles 50% more side load than a standard Gen. I 314 Design. Also, the Gen II does not require a pilot bearing, which is prone to failure in heavy duty side-load applications. The Logan Gen. II LC-314 transmits a maximum 4420 lb. ft. of torque (5993 Nm) @ 435 psi. (30 bar), providing ample safety factor in this application which only requires 3094 lb. ft. (4195 Nm).

Logan PTO Clutches for Cat C32 Diesel Engines

By Andrew Logan
October 05, 2016 Category: General, Marine

Custom-designed Logan power take-off (PTO) clutches are proving invaluable to clients of Dutch company ADS van Stigt, with a wide variety of applications across the sector. ADS van Stigt has for some years represented Logan Clutch in the Netherlands and Belgium, supplying Logan equipment to shipbuilders and owners in the region. As a supplier of propulsion systems and electronic control and monitoring systems, van Stigt provides Logan power take-off (PTO) clutches for everything from tugboats and fishing vessels to luxury sailing yachts, connected to main and auxiliary engines and to gearbox PTOs. Custom-designed factory or field retrofittable Logan front mount PTOs are suitable for multiple applications in offshore, industry and marine settings. The heavy-duty, self-contained, corrosion-resistant PTO clutches for auxiliary and direct-drive applications are designed to be mounted between the power take-off of the engine and auxiliary attachment such as a multi-station pump drive or

Pipe Laying Barge Company chooses Logan for Mooring and Anchoring Winches

By Rennie Lee
October 04, 2016 Category: General, Marine

A pipe lay barge is a specialized vessel which may require up to eight (8) winches to operate simultaneously to properly lay pipe on the ocean floor. This particular barge company winches were equipped with conventional winches that used dog-type clutches used to manually engage and disengage the winch. This was a difficult and laborious procedure since it was nearly impossible to get each winch properly aligned before engagement. With the Logan hydraulically operated, self-adjusting CH series clutch, engagement and disengagement of the clutch is done remotely with the press of a button, from the comfort of the wheel house control room - with the option of local push-button engagement as needed for testing. The barge operator now benefits from faster operating start-up operations and requires less man power to run the winch operation on his vessel. The particular Pipe Lay Barge is equipped with 8 Mooring Winches and 2 Anchor Winches (130 ton Winches). Each Winch, including the anchor


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