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Author: Logan Clutch

Logan Self-Adjusting Bell Housing PTO Clutches Now available for Field Retrofit into 2005 and older Oshkosh H-Series Blowers

By Logan Clutch
April 11, 2018 Category: Mobile, Snowblowing

Logan self-adjusting Bell Housing PTO clutches have been standard equipment on all Oshkosh H-Series Blowers manufactured since 2005. Hundreds of Logan units are in the field, operating at a high level of excellence and readiness for major U.S. Airports such as Chicago OHare, Boston Logan, Cleveland-Hopkins, Buffalo Airport, and more. The Logan Advantage: The advantage of the Logan clutch is its ability to engage the snow blower drivetrain hydraulically (for factory blower trucks), and pneumatically (for pre-2005 H-Series field retrofits). This eliminates the use of a mechanical hand lever or yoke type clutch engagement system, which requires frequent mechanical adjustments many times during snow removal conditions, which leads to downtime and inconsistent operation. For example, mechanical clutches that were improperly adjusted, often led to disc wear and eventual clutch failure requiring the truck to be taken out of commission, requiring many hours to pull the blower trucks drivetrain

Logan PTO and CAT Genset

By Logan Clutch
January 16, 2018 Category: General, Mobile

A major harbor tug operator in the US had a need to up-grade some of its old Detroit Diesel driven Gensets. This operator has the hydraulic requirements for the boat and deck winches provided by two hydraulic pumps mounted on the front of two redundant Gensets. (This is an alternate solution to main engine mounted hydraulic pumps and allows for the hydraulic systems to be run at the dock and without the mains being operated.) In normal operation, one genset provided all of the ships power. The second genset provided all of the ships hydraulic requirements. In an emergency where additional electricity or additional hydraulic pump flow was required, the second unit could be used to provide additional resources. In the event of a failure, one genset could provide enough electricity and hydraulic flow for the boat to still operate until the first unit could be repaired, keeping a valuable piece of equipment operating and providing revenue. The clutch allowed the pump not being used to be

Logan Clutch Used in a Robot for an Oil Pipeline

By Logan Clutch
January 16, 2018 Category: General

The Challenge To develop a unit that can go through an oil pipeline that is capable of doing measurements and still be strong enough to carry a cable through the pipe-line. Besides the pipeline being limited in space there are sometimes small obstructions to past through larger welds and dirt in spots. The customer solution was to build a Robot to do this work. Inside the robot there would be an electrical motor connected to a gearbox. That gearbox is connected to 2 axles. On each axle there are 2 clutches (4 clutches in total) and when there is an obstruction in the line there can be a peak load on one of the axles. A second later the other axle will help and the torque will be divided on each axle The peak load is only for a short moment, usually less than 5 seconds to pass the obstruction. If longer the electrical power drops in half to a safety mode. This means the torque to the clutch or the unit will never be above specifications. The start and stop of the unit is always without

Logan Bell Housing PTO's For Waterblasting Systems

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category: Water Blasting, Hydro Excavation / Vacuum / Water Jetting Equipment

Trailer or skid mounted blasting systems can range in size from 50 to 500 HP, with required speeds up to 3,000 RPM on smaller units. With SAE size bells from No. 7 up to No. 0, and torque ranges from 159 lb. ft. (216 Nm) to over 7,838 lb. ft. (10,628 Nm) Logan Bell Housing PTOs are properly sized to handle even the toughest demands in system torque and HP.

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Power Generation

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category: General, Mobile

Standard Logan Bell Housing PTOs are available in No. 00 to No.7 size SAE Bells. This application required a Logan LC-314 (No. 01 Size Bell), Clutch for main propulsion and a Logan SAE Direct Drive PTO (1000 series) to drive an auxiliary pump with an SAE C spline off the front of the engine.

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Typical Applications

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category: General, Mobile

In this example, the customer has developed a skid mounted drive system, with a Heavy-duty side load requirement. Logan Engineers specified a Generation II LC-314 due to its spread bearing design. The Logan Gen. II handles 50% more side load than a standard Gen. I 314 Design. Also, the Gen II does not require a pilot bearing, which is prone to failure in heavy duty side-load applications. The Logan Gen. II LC-314 transmits a maximum 4420 lb. ft. of torque (5993 Nm) @ 435 psi. (30 bar), providing ample safety factor in this application which only requires 3094 lb. ft. (4195 Nm).


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