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Logan XT16 Chip BreakerTM Software

By Michael Krizmanich
December 27, 2016 Category • General, Screw Machine

Logan Clutch now offers Chip Breaker technology on its line of CS2001 XT16 Microprocessor Controls. Chip Breaker technology enables Acme, New Britain, Davenport and Wickman users to minimize or eliminate nesting of metal stringers that occur in the feed cycle (when making aluminum parts). This feature minimizes the need for operators to tend to or shut down the machine to clear chips. In addition to the Chip Breaker software settings, other factors must be considered and potentially modified. These are the feed rate and the tooling. Industry feedback is that it should take no more than 2-3 revolutions of the spindle to break the chip, whether you are using a chip breaker cam or our software. The feed rate must also be considered and keep in mind the back pressure of the feed, which varies during the cycle. Note that a hard coded timer is used in the logic that ensures the machine does not dwell for more than 1/2 second. This is done to avoid a machine lockup condition by using these

Logan CS2001TM Controls Support Door Interlock / Start Interrupt Switches

By Michael Krizmanich
December 27, 2016 Category • General, Screw Machine

OSHA rulings and regulations are requiring screw machine users to upgrade their machines with door interlock switches. The purpose is to ensure that the machine cannot be started when a door is open, and the main motor stops when a door is opened. The CS2001 control from Logan Clutch is a solution that has passed OSHA scrutiny in hundreds of machines. It works with the dedicated inputs of the CS2001 control and the three levels of programming security in the software. One security level is Set-up mode. Access to Set-up mode is controlled and secure. When a machine door is open it can only be jogged while in Set-up mode only. This enables CS2001 users to work in the tool zone, jog the machine and know that the machine cannot be started. CS2001TM Door Interlock / Start Interrupt Switch Inputs: How They Work The CS2001 Microprocessor Control has two pairs of inputs for two Door Interlock Switches. Each pair of is designed for one normally opened switch contact and one normally closed switch

Logan LVC Series Clutches for Well Service Rigs / Oil and Gas

By Andrew Logan
December 21, 2016 Category • Oil Gas

Maximum Torque Minimum Envelope Reverse Compatibility Air actuated, multiple disc, dry disc pack design for maximum torque transmission within short, axial envelope. Simplified cylinder-piston, o-ring design, eliminates air tube or bladder type leaks. Lightweight Design Ideal for overall rig weight reduction requirements The Logan LVC design can reduce overall rig weight by several hundred pounds, which goes a long way when complying with state and federal on-highway load regulations during rig transport from job to job. For Draw Works Applications p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica; min-height: 11.0px} p.p3 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} The Logan LVC clutch cylinder-piston, and disc pack design provides more clamping force and torque transfer than competitor clutches all within a design envelope that is reverse

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Runway Cleaning / Airport and Roadway Marking Removal Equipment

By Andrew Logan
October 18, 2016 Category • General, Mobile

Water blasting trucks quickly and completely remove all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete applications on roadways, airports, parking lots, with up to 40,000 psi. (2700 bar) of water pressure. The simultaneous jetting and vacuuming of the remnant material, minimizes damage to surfaces and eliminates secondary clean-up. Logan flywheel mounted, hydraulically actuated, Bell Housing PTO clutches are an ideal option, and available in No. 00 No. 5 size flywheel; fitting engines with HP ranges from 50 1000 HP. Self-adjusting, smooth engagement and disengagement, as well as remote activation, make the Bell Housing PTO ideal for diesel and spark ignited engines for mobile applications.

Logan Bell Housing PTO's For Waterblasting Systems

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category • Water Blasting, Hydro Excavation / Vacuum / Water Jetting Equipment

Trailer or skid mounted blasting systems can range in size from 50 to 500 HP, with required speeds up to 3,000 RPM on smaller units. With SAE size bells from No. 7 up to No. 0, and torque ranges from 159 lb. ft. (216 Nm) to over 7,838 lb. ft. (10,628 Nm) Logan Bell Housing PTOs are properly sized to handle even the toughest demands in system torque and HP.

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Typical Applications

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category • General, Mobile

In this example, the customer has developed a skid mounted drive system, with a Heavy-duty side load requirement. Logan Engineers specified a Generation II LC-314 due to its spread bearing design. The Logan Gen. II handles 50% more side load than a standard Gen. I 314 Design. Also, the Gen II does not require a pilot bearing, which is prone to failure in heavy duty side-load applications. The Logan Gen. II LC-314 transmits a maximum 4420 lb. ft. of torque (5993 Nm) @ 435 psi. (30 bar), providing ample safety factor in this application which only requires 3094 lb. ft. (4195 Nm).

Logan Bell Housing PTOs For Power Generation

By Logan Clutch
October 12, 2016 Category • General, Mobile

Standard Logan Bell Housing PTOs are available in No. 00 to No.7 size SAE Bells. This application required a Logan LC-314 (No. 01 Size Bell), Clutch for main propulsion and a Logan SAE Direct Drive PTO (1000 series) to drive an auxiliary pump with an SAE C spline off the front of the engine.

Logan Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches For Mobile Equipment

By Andrew Logan
October 12, 2016 Category • General, Mobile

OEM Manufacturer of Construction Equipment Works Together with Logan Application Team The Challenge: Before OEM contacts Logan to solve system issues which are causing hydraulic pump failure Most OEM manufacturers of mobile equipment use hydraulic piston pumps to control machine movements and attachments. In many cases these hydraulic piston pumps are driven remotely from the engines auxiliary PTO drive via a slip yoke shaft. Machine Operators must be able to turn these pumps on and off when the vehicle is driven from job site to job site - in order to prevent over speeding the pump when the engine is running faster than the pumps normal hydraulic work speed. There is also the potential for all the pumps to engage at once, which would cause the input torque rating to be above the engine specifications causing hydraulic system and pump failure. In this situation, customers were going beyond the limits of the machine and pump specs the OEM had to do something quickly -they contacted

Logan Bell Housing PTO Clutches for Water Pumping Station

By Rennie Lee
October 11, 2016 Category • Power Take Off Clutches For Pumping Station

I.The Problem: Mechanical Bell Housing Clutch was installed for a Water Pump station The difficulties encountered by the operators: Engagement of the mechanical clutch was difficult - mechanical jam ups were common. At times required additional man power to engage. Engagement leverage was not from an ideal position The clutch would slip during engagement, due to inadequate adjustment of clutch Constant adjustment of clutch was required to ensure good engagement and full Torque transmission II.The Band-Aid: To counter the problems faced with using the Mechanical Bell Housing Clutch, Pneumatic Actuators were installed. The actuators temporarily solved the problem of: Lever arm engagement Engagement level was still not in an ideal position It did not solve the problem of: Clutch slip during engagement, due to inadequate mechanical adjustment of clutch Adjustment of clutch needed to ensure good engagement and full torque transmission Additional Problems encountered: Broken

Power Take-Off (PTO) Clutches - Oil and Gas Applications

By Ed Gallucci
October 11, 2016 Category • Oil Gas, Power Take Off (PTO) Clutches Oil And Gas Applications

In this Oil Gas vehicle application, the Logan SAE 600 series Direct Drive PTO is mounted on a typical 2-pad live PTO pump pad, sandwiched between a CAT 3412 Diesel Engine and an Allison 8900 Series Transmission. The Logan 600 series Direct Drive Power Take-off (PTO) clutch will connect or disconnect the single and tandem pumps mounted to the live PTO pump pad. The pumps are used only on the job site, and remain disconnected(via the Logan PTO) when the vehicle is idle and not in use, or when driving to and from the job site. This option to clutch-in and clutch out the pumps minimizes wear and tear on the pumps, reduces unnecessary fuel consumption, and the chances of over speeding the pumps (since they are disconnected from the drivetrain) when the vehicle is at highway speeds during transport.

Logan Power Take-off Clutches for Industrial and Marine Gearboxes

By Andrew Logan
October 11, 2016 Category • Power Take Off Clutches For Industrial And Marine Gearboxes, Marine

Logan direct drive PTOs are effective and reliable solutions for applications where hydraulic pumps are used in on-demand or intermittent situations. This Lufkin gearbox with live SAE C pad incorporates a Logan 600 series PTO to connect, and disconnect a hydraulic pump which is used to power nets, reels, hoists, anchors, and bow thrusters on a fishing vessel. The ability to engage on-demand limits the amount of fuel and emissions required to power the pump, which is used in application specific tasks. The Logan Softstart feature guarantees smooth engagement at RPMs consistent with the new tier requirements for marine, mobile and industrial engines.

Logan PTO Clutches for Cat C32 Diesel Engines

By Andrew Logan
October 05, 2016 Category • General, Marine

Custom-designed Logan power take-off (PTO) clutches are proving invaluable to clients of Dutch company ADS van Stigt, with a wide variety of applications across the sector. ADS van Stigt has for some years represented Logan Clutch in the Netherlands and Belgium, supplying Logan equipment to shipbuilders and owners in the region. As a supplier of propulsion systems and electronic control and monitoring systems, van Stigt provides Logan power take-off (PTO) clutches for everything from tugboats and fishing vessels to luxury sailing yachts, connected to main and auxiliary engines and to gearbox PTOs. Custom-designed factory or field retrofittable Logan front mount PTOs are suitable for multiple applications in offshore, industry and marine settings. The heavy-duty, self-contained, corrosion-resistant PTO clutches for auxiliary and direct-drive applications are designed to be mounted between the power take-off of the engine and auxiliary attachment such as a multi-station pump drive or

Pipe Laying Barge Company chooses Logan for Mooring and Anchoring Winches

By Rennie Lee
October 04, 2016 Category • General, Marine

A pipe lay barge is a specialized vessel which may require up to eight (8) winches to operate simultaneously to properly lay pipe on the ocean floor. This particular barge company winches were equipped with conventional winches that used dog-type clutches used to manually engage and disengage the winch. This was a difficult and laborious procedure since it was nearly impossible to get each winch properly aligned before engagement. With the Logan hydraulically operated, self-adjusting CH series clutch, engagement and disengagement of the clutch is done remotely with the press of a button, from the comfort of the wheel house control room - with the option of local push-button engagement as needed for testing. The barge operator now benefits from faster operating start-up operations and requires less man power to run the winch operation on his vessel. The particular Pipe Lay Barge is equipped with 8 Mooring Winches and 2 Anchor Winches (130 ton Winches). Each Winch, including the anchor

Clutches for Schottel SRP 1515 Z-Drives

By Mike Vining
October 03, 2016 Category • Clutch For Schottel SRP, Clutch For Schottel SRP1515, Clutch For Schottel Z Drive, Logan Clutch For Schottel SRP, Logan Clutch For Schottel SRP1515, Logan Clutch For Schottel Z Drive, Marine

Western Towboat Company Inc. is a family-owned business operating 19 tugs from its base in Seattle, Washington. The tugs regularly tow rail, container, general cargo and bulk aggregate barges to Alaskan ports. Western has also undertaken tows to the Hawaiian islands, Panama Canal, the US Gulf and east coasts, and South America. The company prides itself on providing customers with one of the most modern tug fleets on the west coast. Each tug features a design that originated at Western Towboat and was built by Westerns own craftsmen. Ed McEvoy, fleet port engineer, contacted Logan Clutch when he was informed that an azimuth thruster clutch assembly he had already installed in two other boats was no longer available for a new boat under construction. I had worked successfully with Logan in the past on a winch clutch replacement project and so I decided to contact Logan for this project too, he explained. Logan engineers went to work with the goal of designing an assembly that improved

Oliver Hazard Perry sets sail with Logan Front of Engine PTOs

By Ed Gallucci
March 23, 2016 Category • Marine, Case Studies

Adding Logan Front of Engine Power Take-off (PTO) Clutches to the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry increases maneuverability, efficiency and safety. Traditional Sails Equipped with Modern Day Power The worlds newest tall ship, the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry, calls Newport, Rhode Island its home. The 200-foot vessel is the largest privately owned tall ship and largest civilian sail training vessel in the U.S. With her three-masted square rig towering 13 stories high, shes second in size only to the USCoast Guards Barque Eagle when compared with any other Tall Shipin America. The tall ships namesake, American Commander Oliver Hazard Perry, won the battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 and popularized the phrases, We have met the enemy and they are ours and Dont give up the ship. The massive ship is certified for Ocean Service. The ship has a full-time crew of 17, accommodations for 32 and a day sail capacity of up 85 people. Team building is a key part of the curriculum where students become

Cyclone Power Pullers

By Michael Krizmanich
June 25, 2015 Category • Screw Machine, Industrial

Iowa State Universitys 1/4 Scale Tractor Pulling Team It is finally time for the wrap of the 2015 Quarter Scale season. With a challenging year filled with new obstacles and terrain, the payout of a top ten finish for both A and X teams reveal as the reward. Overall there was a total of twenty eight teams that competed at the Expo Gardens in Peoria, IL. From the East coast to West, Texas to Canada, and across the pond to Israel, all teams contributed to the success of the ASABE 2015 International Quarter Scale Student Design Competition. As the year has passed the competition prevailed for the 18th consecutive year. Since the beginning in 1998 the rules, desi gn restraints, and performance events havechanged every few years to add challenge and innovation. This year th e introduction of the durability course provided the intimidation. Composed of two sections, a bump track followed by a 12 deep sand pit, each team had to pull a cart weighing 1,500lbs across both. Accumulating one

PTO Produces Pressure Under Pressure

By Mike Vining
May 20, 2014 Category • Fire Fighting, PTO Clutch, Marine, Case Studies

Logan Clutch, Moose Boats and Cummins Pacific have teamed up to create the most capable fire boat package in the business. Marine diesel engine specialist Cummins Pacific LLC and Logan Clutch have teamed up with Moose Boats Inc to deliver a new vessel, with outstanding fire pump capability, to West Pierce Fire and Rescue in University Place, Washington. Moose Boats, a boat designer and manufacturer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was awarded the contract to build a M2-37 catamaran fire rescue boat. The 37 ft. aluminium catamaran is powered by the newly-introduced twin Cummins 6.7 ltr. 425 hp turbo diesels and propelled by Hamilton 292 water jets. The vessel will provide West Pierce Fire and Rescue with fire-fighting, rescue, dive and shore-landing capabilities. It features a unique fire pumping arrangement, with dual 4,546 litres/min fire pumps and a remote control fire monitor rated for 9,092 litres/min, as well as an electrically-operated bow door. The bow door arrangement maximizes

Flywheel Mounted Logan PTO Replaces Mechanical on Tug

By Ed Gallucci
May 20, 2014 Category • PTO Clutch, Marine, Case Studies

When Canadian towing and barge services provider Island Tug and Barge encountered problems with the mechanical clutch system on one of its tugs, it turned to Logan Clutch to provide a solution. Island Tug, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers towing and barge services, including ramp-equipped deck barges, aggregates and general cargo, as well as cable installations. The companys towing services extend to the Pacific Rim, and it also has facilities on Canadas eastern seaboard. Island Tug had been running two generator sets on the tug Island Scout. These ran pumps for the main hydraulics and bow thrusters off the back of the engines. In order to do this, both engines were equipped with conventional, mechanical lever actuated PTO clutches to drive the pumps. The problem was that these clutches started to fail during full rev/min engagement. Generator sets normally run at 1,800 rev/min and cannot be slowed down to allow for clutch engagement. These failures were creating frequent

CH Clutches Power Lufkin Marine Gears for ATB

By Mike Vining
May 20, 2014 Category • CH Clutch, Case Studies, Marine

Logan CH 1050 series clutches proved to be just what was needed when New York-based Reinauer added fast and maneuverable articulated tug and barge units to its fleet. Reinauer Transportation Companies, based in Staten Island, New York, is a leader in the US maritime petroleum and chemical transportation business. Established in 1923 by Bert Reinauer, the company successfully weathered the Depression and the war years, and has continued that trend through the past several decades. In the 1990s, Reinauer demonstrated that it could adapt to the stringent regulatory changes imposed by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, completely revamping its fleet by moving forward with innovative double-hulled vessel designs. These innovations manifested themselves in the form of articulated tug and barge (ATB) units, of which there are now a total of 17 in the Reinauer fleet. The most recent series of ATBs added to the Reinauer fleet were delivered by Senesco Marine, of North Kingstown, Rhode Island. There

World Wide Fittings-Davenport

By Michael Krizmanich
July 24, 2012 Category • Screw Machine, Davenport, Hi/lo Retro Kit, Case Studies

World Wide Fittings, located in Chicago, specializes in the manufacture of steel tube and pipe fitting components, supplying over 150 million components annually to domestic and foreign markets. Everything they manufacture meets ISO, SAE and any customer-specific standards. Dan Holt, Plant Manager, with recent success with his National Acmes and Logan Clutches, decided to retrofit a model B Davenport screw machine with a Logan Clutch Hi-Lo Retrokit, and CS2001XT controller. The retrofit met and exceeded all expectations. The easy-to-install, air-operated Logan clutch eliminates the constant adjustment problems of the original Davenport mechanical clutches, roll clutch, band brake, and linkages. Engagement and disengagement now are smooth and positive. The new quick-stop, power-applied brake prevents machine coasting. With the fast-acting clutch, World Wide now has the ability to run the machine at full index speed for a greater part of its cycle. Dan Holt reports that he has seen anincrease


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