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Logan Clutch Corporation has built a solid reputation by effectively responding its customers. It rises to design challenges, unveils unique solutions, and exceeds their needs in an evolving global industry.

Founded in 1975, Logan Clutch Corporation is a family-owned original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of industrial clutches and brakes. For nearly 40 years, it has maintained a close and mutually beneficial relationship with its customers and the markets it serves, both at home in the US and worldwide.

Responding to its customers unique needs is top priority for President and CEO Andrew Logan. “Logan Clutch is a customer-centered organization. We maintain close contact with our customers through personal visits, trade shows, and tech conferences,” he said.

“We have sales agents’ offices in Singapore, and Mainland China, to serve the increasingly important Asia-Pacific region. And there are sales and distributor agents in the Netherlands, Finland and throughout Europe.”

Parts and Service Manager, Ed Gallucci also emphasizes the importance of excellent customer service: “Customers know their business better than anyone else,” he said. “We listen to their challenges and often find that modifying a standard clutch can yield huge gains in durability, serviceability and economy of their drive system.”

Logan clutch factory

The company represents a wide variety of markets: marine, industrial, irrigation, oil & gas, rail, and mobile equipment. Its products cover an equally broad range of applications, including clutches for marine transmissions, azimuth thrusters, and auxiliary power take offs (PTOs), as well as mobile equipment.

"Any time we meet a customer's specific need, it provides an opportunity for competitive breakthroughs and more opportunities for Logan and our customers."
- Andrew Logan, President and CEO of Logan Clutch

Mike Vining, OEM Sales Manager, and Ed Gallucci, Parts and Service Manager, inside the Logan Tech CenterLogan is ISO 9001-2008 Certified, Controlling the Manufacturing Process from Start to Finish

 Andrew Logan, President and Ceo,  with Sister Lisa Logan, Executive Vice President

Logan is an integrated business strategically structured to rapidly respond to growing market trends and changing customer needs. Sales, design, and manufacturing are housed under one roof at its 60,000 square foot headquarters based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Logan, at its core, is a manufacturer. That's why quality control is a must and why all products from start to finish are monitored with a close eye.  

While Logan manufactures clutches, that’s only part of the picture. Continuous improvement is a key Logan value that's reflective in how easily the company embraces the changing pace of technology.

“We spend a tremendous amount of time emphasizing fundamentals, teamwork, and continuous improvement, which has paid huge dividends to our customers,” said Andrew Logan. “Our clutches are typically a key ingredient in giving our customers’ products a significant advantage over their competition.”

For example, several of Logan’s marine customers were faced with repowering their vessels’ engines in response to more stringent emissions standards, larger engine capacity demands, and higher fuel costs. They were also running out of engine room space to handle the additional required capacity.

Mike Vining, OEM Sales Manager, notes: “We made it our mission to develop heavy-duty, direct-drive clutches and engineered-mounting brackets that could be easily mounted onto the front of a marine engine – thereby adding capacity for even greater fire-fighting capability through stronger PTO clutches.”

Responding to what the customer truly needs is typical of Logan’s commitment to design with continuous improvement in mind. A traditional product development timeline is usually exhausting. But Logan offers a refreshing alternative by modifying standard clutches and design requirements often with efficient weekly turnarounds, rather than lengthly monthly deadlines. 

So, what does this mean? 

With quicker turnarounds, Logan's customers can offer their own customers more from their propulsion systems, bow thrusters, or FiFi pumps.

“The Logan Quality system is ISO-9001-2008 certified, and the company also holds ABS certificates of design assessment for multiple product lines,” says executive vice president Lisa Logan. “Logan managers and employees maintain a commitment to quality, training and lean manufacturing processes – we log several hundred hours per year in on-the-job training, which enhances our company’s workforce development.”

In its Tech Center, Logan is able to simulate design performance via finite element analysis (FEA) software, and perform static and dynamic testing, through the centre’s two diesel-powered engines. The 200 and 2,500 hp engines are structured to simulate a customer's specific operating conditions.

Says Andrew Logan: “Any time we meet a customer’s specific need, it provides an opportunity for competitive breakthroughs and more opportunities for Logan and ultimately our customers.”

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