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Logan Clutch CorporationMade in USA

Cat 3512 Front of Engine PTO

   900-5910 clutch assembly including brackets

Logan Clutch has partnered with multiple OEM's for front of engine power take off PTO's.

One popular application is with the Caterpillar 3512B and 3512C engine (1100-2551bhp/820-1902kW) This main propulsion engine is available from Caterpillar with a front, left, top SAE J744 "C" pad to mount a hydraulic pump.

OEM's have partnered with Logan to solve a range of common problems including:

1) Disengages pump when not in use saving pump wear and tear. Less maintenance.

2) Removes pump load from engine when pump is not in use. Saves fuel.

3) Disconnects the pump if there is a hydraulic system leak and allows the engine to continue to run. Greener.

4) Simplifies cold starts of main engine. Just make sure the clutch is not engaged. Simpler systems.

5) Reduces noise from hydraulic systems running needlessly. Better for operators.

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