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Bell Housing PTO’s – Marine Applications


Logan Air / Fluid actuated Bell Housing PTO’s mount directly to a diesel engine’s flywheel and are used as a connect / disconnect drive for main propulsion, or for generator sets which control fixed displacement or variable displacement pumps. Logan PTO’s are suitable for tug boats, workboats, fishing boats, jet boats, patrol boats and pleasure craft.

Typical applications include:

  • Generator sets
  • Deck and cargo winches
  • Bow thrusters
  • Drag net reels
  • Deck pressure washers
  • FiFi Pumps

Logan PTO Features:

  • Air or Fluid actuated for maximum torque capacity
  • Self adjusting disc pack – minimizes slippage
  • Fast engagement – Quick release
  • Eliminates Mechanical Linkages, Hand Levers, and Yokes
  • Drive flange SAE or DIN


  • Aids in the reduction of emissions, energy and fuel costs, and wear and tear on auxiliary attachments.
  • The Logan PTO is perfect for mounting on the front and/or rear of the engine and provides more torque capacity than electromagnetic style clutches.
  • Easily retrofits during repowering of vessels

Remote Actuation:

Since Logan clutches are Fluid or Air operated, and self-adjusting, actuation from a control panel, wheelhouse or bridge is now possible.


Logan PTO’s are available with a keyed shaft or an SAE B, C, or D pump pad mount. Modified input / output splines are also available to meet customer’s specific design requirements. Agency Certification Available.



Bell Housing PTO’s – Marine Jet Drives

Marine jet drives (waterjet propulsion) are powered by marine diesel engines ranging in size from 50 HP (38kW) to well over
500 HP (372kW), and are used as an alternative to propeller systems. Logan Bell Housing PTO’s act as a connect-disconnect
from the diesel engine, and give OEM designers the flexibility required to adapt to all kinds of planing and displacement craft.

Logan LC-311 Pump Mount PTO 1,333 lb. ft of torque/957 kW @ 200 psi

Bell Housing PTO’s – Fire Fighting Systems

Fire pumps on Tugs and Workboats utilize Logan Bell Housing PTO’s as a connect-disconnect between the diesel engine and the fire pump. Activation is simplified since Logan PTO’s are fluid or air actuated, enabling remote engagement from the bridge or wheelhouse.

Logan PTO Features:

  • Air / Fluid Actuated
  • Eliminates Linkages, Yokes and Mechanical Hand Levers
  • Self-Adjusting Disc Pack

The pump system is capable of transmitting a 4” / 10cm
diameter stream of water as far as 400 ft /122 meters


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